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    when i read your post i saw that you have the same problems i had/have.I live alone and i would get scared when i couldn't remember,or had pain that made it hard to walk.My treatment ended Christmas eve.All test show I'm fine and cancer gone but I too still don't feel like me

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    Oh No (everything has changed): I wrote the wrong thing in celebration and don't know how to post here so please read celebration to hear my on no

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      You can easily fix that. Go to your home page and click on the section that has your journey. You'll see each of your different entries with their respective logos, You will also see the ability to "add details" or "delete." Go into "add details" for the "celebration" you just added and copy what you want to appear as an "oh no." Then create a new 'oh no" and paste the copy. Once that is down, go back to "celebration" and delete what was wrong. Please let me know if you have any questions.

      over 9 years ago
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    Celebration (Finished treatment): My treatment ended the day before Christmas.I'm still having a hard time getting my life back.I no longer know the person i look at in the mirror.I was on steroids for months at a time causing me to gain over 50lbs.My red hair fell out and by once bald head now has this dark curly stuff growing every which way .I no longer have a neck/chin because my neck is so fat,I guess from the kind of cancer I had.My mind is still foggy at times even tho all the brain testing and stuff comes back fine.I still wake up with nightmares because where they cut across neck would break open when my body swelled up from the meds and i would wake up covered in blood that was running down my neck and had to be rushed to the E.R. I lost my job,I still have back and leg pain making it impossible for me to stand in one spot.I have a twitch /tremble in my lips that causes people to look at me when I go out.plus my mouth still is always dry and i always get a film or ??in corners of mouth.I last my voice for a few months and living alone made it hard to ask anyone for help or call doctors for me .I find myself laying in bed not caring about anything anymore.Piles of trash lay around and many days i just don't have the energy to even shower.All these things just makes me
    feel worse.I had been getting welfare,medical,and foodstamps but they will be stopping them cause i need a dr. to fill forms every month.and I'm to tired to fight with the system anymore I lost everything i worked years to get.Anything that could be sold for a few dollars i had to sell to pay bills and pay for my meds.and stuff.Cancer changes everything

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    Radiation: the radiation itself is painless it was the fear of the unknown that caused me to be so afraid that I thought the radiation was burning me.I had a very hard time wearing the mask thing i felt like they were bolting my head down plus with the straps that held me in place i was a mess.I also would breath so hard once mask was on that i had trouble breathing. I had to pre-med myself daily before i left my house so they could give me my treatment.

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    Has anyone had problems wearing the face mask for radiation?I will be starting my treatment soon but when they put mask on me within a few minutes I panic and feel like I can't breath.Then I start to breath heavy making it worse.I just want to pull it off

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      i just prayed when i had that thing on my head . and i had to lay face down on the radiation table cause the whole was on the back of my neck/head that they had to do the radiation. but it was seriously like 60 seconds with it on during the radiation.

      over 8 years ago
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      I had a similar panic experience. I asked for a trial run on the bed with the mask locked in place, without going under radiation, and a demonstration on how I could unlock one side of the mask in an emergency. Simple conditioning. That was all I needed to overcome my fear. Our "emergency" plan was that I would ask the attendant to stop the RT, and then I would unlock the mask. Just the knowledge that I could "escape" along with the experience of remaining with the mask in place for the required time was sufficient. Interesting that none of the information on RT that I've read makes any mention of this technique. I remained in the clinic until there was an opening in the schedule in order to do my trial run. The RT staff cooperated and were very pleased with the result. Simple "conditioning" is common sense. Guess most of the radiation oncology professsion doesn't have time for such nonsense.

      over 8 years ago
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      well there's nothing to do to avoid it, I keep praying God for the 10 min to finish, I go daily to hospital for radiotherapy these days, I know my hair will fall soon so i'm so depressed but i'm sure God will always be by my side. read this it really gave me hope http://fixmoneyy2minutes.com/health/article-2144111/Teenager-stuns-doctors-incredible-recovery-operation-brain-tumour-left-unable-stand-speak.html

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