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    I will keep you in my prayers. I had prayers being said for me all over the world and I am still here. I intend to live to be 100.

    Please keep your positive attitude, it helps.

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    In 1989 my doctor sent me to a breast cancer doctor. He called me up on a Friday to tell me (over the phone) that I had cancer. Yes, I was dazed and my immediate reaction was "I'm going to die," I said, "O.K." and my first reaction changed rapidly as I told him that he was going to remove it and Monday morning at 6 a.m. I was admitted to the hospital. I contacted the American Cancer Society before that Monday morning and when I woke up from the operation there was a wonderful lady sitting by my side and holding my hand. When it was time to go home, she took me home.
    Although I spent many days and nights alone with no one but me to help me, I decided to take pride in the fact that I recovered and survived and I did it, basically on my own.
    I am sorry you feel isolated and alone, but my suggestion is that you contact the American Cancer Society, I am sure they will send you an angel to help you through your lonely times.
    I wish I were there to give you that support. May God watch over you and help you through these lonely times.

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    In 2009 I left work due to a severe pain on my right side. By the time I got home I had my son-in-law take me to emergency (a story in itself). I finally was admitted and a CT scan was done. The CT scan showed that I had a kidney stone that was lodged in the tube, it also showed that I had a cancer growing on my kidney. The doctor said that it was about 2cm and it was a slow growing cancer, that I had it for about 6 years and that there was no treatment for kidney cancer. I opted to have the kidney removed. I had breast cancer in 1989. I am 74 years old and I work full time as an administrative assistant. I plan on working until I am 80 if the company I work for wants me.
    I was very lucky very blessed. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, one just has to believe. I learned 24 years ago, thanks to the American Cancer Society the power of positive thinking when I attended their "We Can Weekend" (twice), that I am a survivor, and I have survived. In 2011 I had breast cancer in my other breast (not one but two very aggresive cancers), and I had another mastectomy and my overies removed at the same time. Yes, I am a survivor and so are you.
    If the American Cancer Society still has those "We Can Weekends" and I hope they do, please investigate. It helped me through my first encounter with cancer and I highly recommend it.

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    Celebration (Birthday): In 1989 I had breast cancer. In 2009 I was rushed into emergency for a trapped kidney stone and it was discovered that I had a slow gowing malignant caner on my kidney. I had the kidney removed. In 2011, two very fast growing and active malignant cancers were discovered in my other breast.
    A genetic testing showed that I had a specific hereditary gene and in order to help prevent specific cancers, it was advisable that I have my overies removed. So, I had my breast and overies removed in a twelve hour operation.
    I left the hospital in less than 24 hours and my family and I went out to dinner.
    I am 74 years old and I work full time as an Administration Assistant.
    What my major concern is at this time is that at 74 years of age, my mother died from stomache cancer. I am experiencing
    some stomache troubles. I don't think I have cancer, but I do have some concerns about stomache cancers and need more information about this subject.