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    how did the back problems resolve. I have 8-10 compression fractures in my back and I'm on morphine and Lyrica 24/7. I can't work if I'm on these painkillers. Thanks for your response.

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    Oh No (Diagnosed): In excellent physical condition. In oct., 2011 did the rim to rim in the Grand Canyon in one day. Worked out 6days a week and hiked in the mountains 2-3 times a week. Jan., 2012 low energy, low back ache, excema, infected elbow. Feb., 2012 sore throat, back pain. March,.2012, playing golf felt like I was shot. It turned out that was a T-6 compression fracture. last day of work April, 17 2012. Finally, after many doctor visits, I was diagnosed w/MM in mid May 2012. I lost 4 inches in height and 35lbs. I've spent too much time in hospitals. As a result of MM, I now have problems w/kidneys, heart, edema, anemia, strength and mental acuity. I'm on morphine and lyrica 24/7 with breakout for morphine as needed. These mess make it impossible for me to work or drive. They are needed because of have 8-10 compression fractures in my back from the shoulder blades to the waist. I also wear a back brace. There is no surgical solution.

    I'm on my 5th series of CyborD and looking forward to SCT in the near future

    I'm doing the best I can w/this new life. Each day is so different from what I did up until April. I am a Criminal Defense Trial Attorney, who can no longer practice law! This is very difficult to accept. However, as I get use to this new life, I make every minute count by staying in the moment. A skill I was fortunate to learn in my prior career. I understand the battle at hand and after 4 months I am more accepting of my new life.