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    Hi Kbarkley, which type of thyroid cancer do you have? I have follicular with bone mets, dagnosed in 1993 stage 4. How are you doing now? I've had a long journey but am clinically stable right now. I'd like to know more about your journey if you'd like to share.

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    Hi Mes,, I also have thyroid cancer, diagnosed almost 20yrs ago, follicular stage4 with bone mets. Have you had surgery yet? I see it says you have not begun treatment. If you ever want to talk I have been dealing with this for almost 20yrs so maybe I can be of some support to you. Im from Mass... I see your from NH

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    Hi Monti, I am also a thyroid cancer survivor, Follicular w/bone mets,, stage 4, diagnosed in 1993. I see you are from Boston, I am from Mass too,, north of Boston, do you get treated in Boston? My Dr. is at BMC and I've had her since 1993. I see you are receiving chemo rounds, its not common for thyca to be treated with chemo,, what is the reason you are having chemo if I may ask?

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      Hi Jude,

      I actually didn't receive chemo treatment, only radiation. The options to select current treatment status lumped chemo/radiation rounds together, sorry for the confusion! I'm currently being treated/followed at MGH.

      over 8 years ago
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    Hi, does anyone have metastatic disease, as bone mets?

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      This would be great to post in our Questions section, just click on Questions in the purple bar above.

      almost 9 years ago
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