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    Hello Mirian43. i was dianosed the same as you. I had Breast cancer & received Tamoxifen X 5 yrs. 3% chance of developing uterine CA & I was among the 3%. My breast surgeon told me the other day that those who do develop uterine CA usually show early stage cancer, so I'm guess I'm lucky, but it's still a shock. I had a hysterectomy 6 months ago & feel great. Only 1% chance of recurrence, but where would it occur??? I hope you look to the future with good thoughts.

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    Hello, Janetalex. Glad you found this sharing site. You'll find a lot of compassion here. Sorry you found the need for this but I hope it helps you.

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    Hello, Beantown nurse. I,too, had endometrial cancer, grade 1. Had hysterectomy & now I have "1%" chance of recurrence. I tell our support group attendees not to concern themselves w/ statistics, but it's hard to ignore them. I'm post menopausal so I don't have to worry about hormonal changes.

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      I was post menopausal, too, but now I have hot flashes from time to time anyway. Something stirred up the hormones, I guess.

      about 8 years ago
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    Hi, HardyGirl! I ,too, was dx w/ uterine cancer. It was 5 months ago. I was angry because it followed treatment w/ Tamoxifen for breast ca . I got over my anger & had surgery 4 months ago. All "came out" well, for which I am thankful. I was lucky that it was caught early, but it was a blow. Best wishes on your journey.

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    since my last post, I had robotic surgey for hysterectomy. much easier than I anticipated. saw my oncologist today & she hadn't been notified of the surgery (3 months ago). last I knew my GYN also had not been notified, & the referral came from her office. This lack of communication is frustrating.

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      Yes, it burns me up that after 4 years of going to the same dr. you have to explain who you are and why your there. I know they see a lot of people but Jeez, it would be nice if I didn't have to explain my 24 year history everytime!

      over 8 years ago