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    Greg, there are many wonderful words of encouragement and support for us cancer folk - heck, you sent most of them to us all!
    So - love to you and always best wishes.
    Also, one more thing you know - it is the steady voice in those early morning hours of doubt, and the hand that holds yours throughout the treatments - so - also sending love and hugs to your wife as well.
    We are all cheering for you both. Team GREG!

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    Hello - welcome to What Next. I am 76 yrs old and was diagnosed with stage 4 non-hodgkins B-cell lymphoma (double hit) in February 2018. I am currently in remission and am sending you all kinds of encouraging thoughts for your journey ahead. Whatever the treatment plan, you have all of us in on it with you - have courage and send any questions our way, we're happy to help.

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      So kind of you, than you so very much...best of luck to you as well..Paula

      4 months ago
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    Hello Judithj,
    Update from Homans:
    After failing two standard chemo treatments R-EPOCH and R-ICE, I finally got to try the CAR-T, and had the infusion back on June 5th.
    My 30, 60 & 90 day scans now show no sign of Lymphoma cancer.
    My ANC count was the last blood count to recover, and took about 90 days, but I’m now off all my medications, and feeling good enough that I decided to go back to work on 9/6/19, which was perfect as my short term (6 month) disability was about to run out.
    I read about a new drug treatment called BITE. I was told they are doing a trial at Barnes Hospital at St Louis, A friend of ours that also had Double Hit Lymphoma went to Barnes to get in a BITE trial after failing the CAR-T treatment.
    BITE works similar to CAR-T, but uses a drug bridge to bind the T-Cell to the cancerous B-Cell, instead of reprogramming the T-Cells to bind directly to the cancerous B-cells to destroy them.
    Thank-you for your encouragement, it gave me the hope I needed when I was really down, and it helped me get through my journey. Since CAR-T is so new, only time will tell how well it will last on keeping the cancer in remission, but I’m very impressed so far. Very Best wishes to you, and hope all is going well with you.

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      Thank you for your update! I really appreciate your taking the time to let us all know how you are getting on. Congratulations.
      Also, thank you for letting me know about the new treatment BITE.
      I'm finding that one of the unforeseen 'bumps' in recovery is suddenly being let loose from that never-ending round of treatment/tests/shots/appointments. It's a little like being on a benevolent treadmill and suddenly....stepping off.
      You're happy but - where are all those people that were taking your -it seemed- hourly pulse?
      Time to get on with the new life and fill it with joy and happiness at just being here.
      Cheers to all of us!!

      5 months ago