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    What was the first round of chemo like?

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      Hi Jula. Everyone is different plus there are lots of different protocols. I was diagnosed w/stage IV endometrial cancer & was on Taxol/Carboplatin. I didn't have a lot of the "typical" side effects. I threw up a grand total of once. I didn't have the metallic taste or severe nausea. My biggie during treatment was not unheard of but not the most common -- 2 days after chemo I would have severe foot, ankle and lower leg pain, so once day every 3 weeks, I'd be drugged out of my wee little gourd. It was diminish after a couple of days and then go away until the next time. I did have hair loss and in places you don't think about, like, uh, down there. And nose hairs, so I dripped a lot. But I didn't have to pluck stray chin hairs either! Neuropathy is the one lingering gift I still have 3 & a half years later, so that is kinda permanent. It's scariest before the first one because you don't know how it will affect you. It will get easier. And if you have weird effects or are concerned/scared, come back and ask. We are here for you!

      over 2 years ago
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      Hi Jula, as others have said it varies by person, cancer and drugs.

      My first time was ok really. The care team took a lot of time to explain what they were doing and why, and what I should feel and what to tell them about. I had my mother and my husband with me, we were there about 8 hours, later appointments took closer to 6.

      Mine were on Thursdays, every 3 weeks, 6 total. The first time, I felt fine until Monday, I was a little shaky that day. By the end, I was down from Sunday until Tuesday, I couldn't eat and everything tasted odd, even water. Like Buckeye, I had leg pain and took meds for a day or two for it, probably contributed to being down. I never threw up or even had much nausea, it was just that food didn't sound good.

      I lost my hair as well. Everywhere. Most has come back, but I have to shave much less often, the hair is lighter and thinner. My head hair came back the best, I'm grateful for that! It's actually a prettier color then is was before.

      I had pretty bad fatigue, I'm still not back to where I was, my last chemo was Aug 4, 2016. It takes time.

      Will you have a port for them to use for IVs?

      over 2 years ago
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      My first treatment was Taxol through my chest port . The chemo itself went well. I was administered anti nausea medication beforehand. The first infusion takes longer than the ones that follow because they monitor you for any adverse reactions to the chemo. I felt ok afterwords but started to run a fever the next day. When my temp continued to climb I notified my gyn/onc who instructed me to go to the E.R. I was admitted late that night and stayed in the hospital for a week while tests were run trying to find out why the persistent low grade fever. I missed my second chemo treatment because of the hospitalization. The results of all the tests? They said I had a " tumor fever". The cancer's reaction to the chemo. The chemo was kicking the xxx out of the cancer. I thought that perhaps my chemo days were over because of this reaction, but on the contrary. I went on to have all the rest of my treatments . I had fatigue, hair loss, temporary taste issues and a little chemo brain but the chemo did it's job I am now in remission. I did not have radiation. None of the treatments for this disease are easy, but they are DOABLE. Please let us know how you are doing. We are all rooting for you.

      over 2 years ago
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