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    Hi gladis hope all is well with u this is Julie from northridgeoncologydepartment hospital oncology haven't seen u around for a while hopre ur doing better then me. Keep in touch

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    hello carter4,,,,,,yes the pill afinitor is the one i will be on . im glad to hear it has worked for you, that gives me a little hope that it will work for me.....thanks for ur responce

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    julesangel asked a questionBreast Cancer

    what do i do when im told there is no more chemos left to try for my stage 4 metastic spread to the liver

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      I was initially diagnosed last winter with breast cancer that had already spread throughout both lungs and also in the bones. In the spring I tried chemo (taxol) for two months, but the lung tumors were growing so the doctor suggested femara pills because the cancer was estrogen and prog. positive. I seem to be doing well other than cancer expanding into all my vertebra instead of just a few initially. I feel pretty good (with pain killers!) and have a good quality of life. Today I had cat scans and a body scan to check things so I don't know yet. If I'm doing well, I'll stay on femara. And the doctor said there are other similar medications I could try. If I'm not doing well, we'll try a different chemo. Well, that's my story so far. Everyone's different, of course. I like all the advice given here by many. Second opinions. Trials. I wish I could send you some stress reducer! A walk in pretty fall leaves or a gentle massage or a yummy pie. Good luck and prayers.

      over 7 years ago
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      In Dancing with Cancer blog, a long time survivor with stage IV breast cancer, she was on Afinitor+Aromasin+Faslodex+Avastin combination and when that stopped working stopped the Afinitor and started Eribulin with the other 3. Maybe you can check out her blog and see if you can glean any info. She has a alphabetized content list so you can ignore the nonmedical parts.Thoughts and prayers for you. jojo2

      over 7 years ago
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      Hello julesangel-

      At stage 4, doctors should no longer be limiting themselves to standard protocols or guessing what might work. It is entirely possible these days to have your tumor tissue tested for its particular characteristics, and further to have the tissue tested for sensitivity to chemotherapy regimens not typically offered but which may be effective for you. The clinic of Keith Block, MD in the Chicago area facilitates such testing. The testing labs are Rational Therapeutics and Weisenthal Labs - they may be able to direct you to a doctor closer to you that can help facilitate this process.

      It is also critical that you play your part by adopting an anticancer lifestyle: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management. Dr. Block's clinic is a great resource for particulars on this, as would be a functional medicine physician or licensed naturopathic physician in your area. Feel free to contact me privately if you'd like a referral to such a practitioner.

      Holding a vision of your return to radiant health-

      Dr. Shani Fox, ND

      over 7 years ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy

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    so tired of all of this....is been a journey