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    Have you started moving out of Oncologist's care back to PCP care for following?

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      I have not returned to my PCP. He is the one who did not adequately screen me for colorectal cancer and told me that I had "probably had hemorrhoids" when I told him about my rectal bleeding. I was Stage IV at diagnosis. I am 2 1/2 years out from my last chemo and NED.

      I still see my oncologist 4X a year, have complete blood work every 3 months, have scans every 6 months, see my surgeon 2X a year, see my radiation oncologist once a year, and see an GYN for a physical check-up once a year due to the proximity of the rectum to the female organs.

      What could my PCP do? He asked me about my cholesterol. I had to restrain myself in answering him. Honestly, how could I fit any more medical appointments into a year.

      So I understand your concern.It depends on the stage of your cancer at diagnosis and also your genetic mutations. My oncologist and my surgeon always palpate my liver and check my lymph nodes. I suspect that their fingers are much more sensitive to detecting swollen lymph nodes.

      Best wishes in making the best decision for your situation.

      about 9 hours ago
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    This is my life, described to a T.

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      I have pondered on this Question in the past when asked about what the cancer Took from me.
      What I can say,, I don't take Life for Granted anymore. Enjoy it to the fullest! I worked, went places, What did happen was I got so many set backs, that I was in and out of the hospital a lot! That's when it was all over,, I stared doing things for ME!. that's not being selfish,, it's being realistic!
      I did work,, didn't end up with any of the things others on here say they have,, & I'm sorry that it has effected people the way it has. I don't sweat the small stuff,, and only worry about the big stuff when it becomes something I can't handle by myself.
      Good Luck to all

      about 17 hours ago
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      At first, I was angry and scared going through chemo; then I saw surgery as the climax where the rest would become easier from then on; Radiation was a little inconvenient but much more tolerable than chemo; and the pill is fine if I could just lose the weight I've put on since taking it. One thing I never realized would happen during this journey is I became more in tune with people who are facing cancer themselves. I have even been a source of support for a friend who got diagnosed with colon cancer a year after I was told I had breast cancer. We'd talk about the concerns that race thorugh each other's minds, and we truly understand each other more than ever now. We're both survivors: he almost 4 years since diagnosis, and me almost 5 years since diagnosis! HUGS and God bless.

      about 17 hours ago
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      First let's list the things cancer took away. Physical things 1 two thirds of my esophagus 2) two thirds of my stomach. 3) my teeth 4) my uterus ( wasn't using it anyway) and the mental things 5) fear of cancer
      Now let's list the cancer gave me Physical 1) a more healthy lifestyle 2) gourmet cooking skills.(I went from one of the worst cooks in America to a healthy gourmet cook. Mental skills 1) I have better sense of Humor albeit a little on the dark side 3) because I had to work so hard to regain my mental skills, I continue to practice them I believe that this will help me as I age even if I never reach my pre-cancer level of mental skill. Spiritual 4) closer relationship with my children 5) ability to forgive 6) gratitude 7) love of my fellow man 8) stronger prayer life. 8) a closer relationship with God

      about 8 hours ago
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    Julesmom asked a questionBreast Cancer

    New research findings from Yale Cancer Center

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      Thank you so much for the article. That sure would be awesome if they could predict who is more likely to get breast cancer. I hope that the funding will continue to keep this study on track. I know that it can't help those of us already diagnosed, but I would be thrilled if my daughter and others to come might be spared what we have had to endure. Take care.

      7 days ago
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      Thanks for sharing this information, we invite everyone to share any article like this that they see on the internet. All you have to do is copy the URL of the article and paste it into the questions box with a little information about the article. What it's about, where it's from, etc.

      7 days ago
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      This is a breakthrough in ability to detect breast cancer earlier.

      I suppose that IS something.

      I would much prefer prevention.

      This is become a plague.

      7 days ago
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