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    I have a niece that has never had a pap smear test. I am on my soap box preaching that she needs to go get checked,

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      I have a sister-in-law that smokes and she was helping us take care of our Mother when she was in hospice, dying from lung cancer, she was a 60-year smoker. Even though she watched Mom go through what she did, she will not even talk about quitting.

      What's that saying about leading a horse to water, but you can't make them drink?

      7 days ago
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      She's may want to go, but like many patients, she dreads the lecture she feels is forthcoming.
      I always praised patients for the smart choice they made by coming in. No need to berate someone over something they can't change. Being that she's your niece, maybe an offer to schedule an apt. with your provider & offer to go along would ease her fears a bit. If so, and you are in familiar terms, relay to them (confidentially)that your niece may feel awkward that she's delayed her pap, etc...A caring, competent professional will understand and should be more than happy to accommodate. Also, maybe a female NP/PA/MD ( if preferred) would be less intimidating, perhaps. Also, please tell her that even healthcare professionals can be foolish when it comes to their OWN health. As an APRN specializing in OB-GYN, I'd performed countless paps /pelvics over the years. I'd been married for 30+ years with no personal history of HPV or abnormal paps. It was 2012, 6 wks before Christmas, I didn't think that much about letting my OWN pap slide a bit, figuring a few months was no big deal. I was w/o symptoms when my cancer was found during an A&P repair. CKC Biopsy during my bladder repair: Invasive Adenocarcinoma of Cervix. 1 month later I had a Radical Hyst. & staging was: 2A. I had 22 pelvic lymph nodes removed as well & was diagnosed with Bilateral Lymphedema in my legs. I had 3 Chemos & 28 RAD+ 3 Brachy. Biopsy revealed JUST 1 TUMOR CELL among 22 nodes dissected. I thank God everyday that I went for elective bladder repair. I could beat myself up for not going in when my annual pap was due, but would a few months have mattered? Would I have been spared Bilat. Lower leg Lymphedema (Stage 2 now) if less nodes were removed? Maybe, but that didnt happen and Im alive today. Im thankful, as I know sadly, that many are not. May God bless you both & good luck!!

      7 days ago
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      She masy be afraid of going because of what you found. The more you push the more she may dig her heels in. Try sitting down with her and find out why she is afraid to go. Not knowing her age masmasybe she isdisd afraid because people think she is still a virgin and she isn't, there could be the pain fear, etc. Yes it is important, but again, don't push too hard.

      1 day ago
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    Ladies, please get screened! It saved my life!

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