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    Lymphoma and Pseudo-lymphoma

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      I have never heard of pseudo-lymphoma and found this as a brief description,

      “A benign infiltration of lymphoid cells or histiocytes that microscopically resembles a malignant lymphoma”

      I do not think you will get a satisfactory answer as to why you were not warned. This posting is to let you know that a lot of the treatments for the eighty types of NHL have successful outcomes even when the treatment is started sometime after the cancer originated. Here is my example.

      I have had four occurrences of DLBCNHL and four remissions over thirteen years.
      My third cancer occurrence was found in a normal follow up scan. There were three enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen. I was scheduled for a CT scan assisted core needle biopsy to confirm the type of cancer. After the first pass in the CT, I was told there was a risk. The doctor said “I may have to go through “something” to get a biopsy of one of the nodes.” Some of the “something’s” were my lung or aorta. If I agreed to the biopsy I might experience excess bleeding or puncture of the lung and I would be admitted into the hospital. I told them I could not take that risk and got up off the CT scan rack and left the hospital.

      Let me explain my reasoning. My wife had successfully survived breast cancer twenty-five years earlier. At this time she had begun treatment for pancreatic cancer which is not a very nice cancer. I was her caregiver and could not risk being hospitalized and unable to assist in her needs.

      I felt there would soon be another affected node with less risk to biopsy. My oncologist worked with me.

      Six months later I had a successful biopsy and began my treatment. We managed to take care of each other through my treatments. She knew her cancer was terminal from the start, yet battled with chemo and multiple stents for eighteen months.

      As I mentioned, I have had four remissions, even with a delay of six months in starting treatments
      At a recent Lymphoma Workshop in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. Thomas P. Miller, MD of UA Cancer Center said (and I paraphrase here) - It is not helpful to start treatment early as later is still treatable with good outcomes.

      I suggest you embrace your treatments. You will be inconvenienced by the waiting, the treatments, the labs and the side effects. Just understand - soon they will be over and done with.

      Good luck and best wishes on your journey.

      over 9 years ago
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      Pseudo lymphoma? Not quite sure. I was initially diagnosed in April 2011 but unconfirmed by biopsy. The next 8 months I was tested for everything from AIDS to Valley fever-twice! I gave blood every week for 10 weeks straight. All negative results on all tests. I went on a natural treatment plan and pretty much all the symptoms vanished and I felt better but couldn't see inside me. A year ago, May 29 2012 I was fully diagnosed with type B Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma aggressive stage IV. I was in the hospital at the time with almost full kidney failure and extreme swelling from the waist down so the diagnosis was a little easier. Another biopsy confirmed this

      about 9 years ago
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    Radiation (External radiation )

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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (rituxan)

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    Procedure or Surgery (lymph node removal)

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    Oh No (Diagnosed)