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    My father has had bone cancer then lung cancer,He has lost all vocal and can not speak, He lives in atlanta and i am in illinois,so all contact with him is no longer. He was told last week to go home no other treatment is going to work, The last teo days he is at home with his wife and is in so much pain,he takes so many pills for the pain they just do not work any longer,and he now is throwing them up leaving him screaming in pain. He does not want us to fly down to Ga . His wife called hospice today, I am a mother of five and this over whealming grief has taking over every hour and i dont know what to do, Please help me,any advise,i feel like im loosing my mind

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      Hi jviken, sorry for your situation, it is sometimes as hard on the family as it is on the patient when cancer strikes.

      Let me help you get the info you need, if you will repost this as a question in the questions tab at the top of the page, everyone on the site will see it there. Here, as a status update, not too many see it.

      Repost and you'll get lots of advice.

      over 8 years ago
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