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    Welcome mfoley629! You and my little sister share similar diagnosis (she is Stage 3 Colorectal at 26). She has been able to use Whatnext to answer all kinds of questions and I hope you find similar success! It sounds like you have a good attitude based on your posts, so I wish you all the luck in fighting the fight!

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    Hi and welcome to Whatnext. No one's fight is the same, but I have a little sister (26) with a 3B Colorectal Dx. She has an account on here, but doesn't get on much. She had surgery first because she has FAP, but is currently undergoing chemo treatments. I know you are worried about the future, but I encourage you to not forget about today. Since the two are similar, I encourage you to take a look at her blog http://mfitch86.blogspot.com/.

    My sister is a couple states away for treatment, I do my best to keep a daily email dialogue going with her. I am her unofficial "cheerleader" and do my best to anticipate her bad days and drop her a inspiring quote. For me, you won't find anyone more inspiring than some of the cancer fighters out there. Take a look at CarolLHRN's wall here and CancerHAWKs blog (love this one http://cancerhawk.com/2012/09/16/advice-on-how-to-live-life-3/). Keep in mind she'll have down days, but you have to keep her focused on the positives (such as how well FOLFOX is tolerated vs. some other chemo treatments).

    Good luck!

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    Hey Meg, check out CarolLHRN's wall when you get a chance. She is great!

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    kalen asked a questionColorectal (Colon) Cancer

    Fundraising and taxes? Anyone know of a good site to reference?

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      www.giveforward.com is a site where you can set up a fundraising page. I believe it is free there. Some places will take a percentage of what is raised. They should have some FAQ's or at the least, just send them an email and ask.

      Best of luck to your sister and the whole family. I hope she comes through quick and easy!

      about 7 years ago
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      The only tax implication for a direct cash gift is if some one gives her more than $13000 within a year. And then the gift tax burden is on the giver, not the receiver. And the gift is not a tax deduction for the giver.


      Fundraising is a totally different matter. Different states and even different local jurisdictions within states have different laws about fundraising. In some cases, fundraising can only be done by charitable or non-profit organizations (501-(c)(3). Others, require registration for a one time fundraising campaign. Unless the fundraising is done through an established 501(c)(3) organization, donor cannot deduction donations from their income tax.


      My familiarity with this isn't from your type of situation, but I do work for a 501(c)(3) organization.

      If she decides to use one of the many fundraising web sites, she needs to understand that they just provide the platform. and do not assume or provide any legal or tax protection.

      about 7 years ago
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      i tried at www.gofundme.com
      wasnt successful raised a whole 25 bucks.No one must like me,good luck.

      about 7 years ago