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    Not cancer related.

    Saw an orthopedic surgeon yesterday about getting a knee replacement. I've needed one for some time but with treatment for stage IV cancer, it just never happened. Now it's on the calendar for February. I'm a little scared and a little excited.

    Just another sign for me that a cancer diagnosis is not the end...

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      Make sure that you are in sync with your physical therapy department--I scheduled a pre-visit before surgery to get an idea of what PT would be like after surgery. It was a complete dud.They wouldn't show me any leg-knee exercises and then acted like I had mental problems. At the time I was frail- I wasn't recovered from the whopping cough.

      I specifically got approval from the surgeon to do this. I specifically stated this for my reason to have the visit. I specifically said this when I checked in. I specifically and politely told this to the dimwit therapist 3 times, so she brought in another person to observe in cas4e I made trouble.. She decided to work on my back and gave me back exercises. I will add-that I hurt my back-doing them a reduced in how many and only once a day. What type of therapist doesn't understand-- frail-been in bed for over 6 months-75 years old? .

      15 days ago
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    Hi EddieBailey and welcome to WhatNext. You have a lovely family. This diagnosis will be tough on everyone. We all deal with this differently but I was open and honest with my loved ones from the beginning -- I didn't want there to be any surprises.

    My cancer is different than your wife/partner's but was also diagnosed at stage IV (which sucks, by the way.) I was so scared and my lovely partner was a rock. His calm reassurance and faith in my ability to overcome anything really helped me.

    I've been in and out of remission and right now have a couple of small, stable tumors that the docs are unable to remove via surgery. They've responded well to chemo which is a good thing. The best news of all is that, five years out from my initial diagnosis, I'm still here. For a stage IV ovarian cancer patient, that's a big deal.

    If you've got any questions for me or just want to talk, I'm a pretty good listener.

    Please know just how vitally important your love and support can be to your wife's continued survival. You're giving her a gift that no one else can. Thank you.

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      Good for you, I approve this message. I'm about done hearing that line.

      18 days ago
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      I HATE political ads. Here in Western Washington we've got a couple of opposing candidates who seem to have ads during every single commercial break. I just think of all the good that money could do if spent on something useful like our homeless problem or education or even just building parks. It's such a waste. Funny thing is, neither one of them represent my district so I can't even vote for either one of them.

      16 days ago
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    Question: Early voting

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    Hello, mangocoz! Welcome to WhatNext! You've found a great place to get advice, support, a sympathetic ear and more.

    I was originally diagnosed in 2013 at stage IV. Initial treatment was rough but I made it through. My life has changed a lot. Since the original diagnosis, I've had two recurrences and am currently undergoing chemo with Avastin and Topotecan. It's not what I envisioned for my life, but I'm still here and always hopeful.

    Please take some time to explore this site and check out the links, resources, Pinboard, and questions pages. The information there is great. The rest of us here are also happy to connect and answer your questions about our cancer journeys and how you can navigate the changes to come.

    Best of luck! Hope to hear from you soon.