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    i think this site sucks. lol. going to another one.

    PS Everyone should buy these two books;

    Cancer; Step Outside the Box and Outsmart Your Cancer

    both have been really beneficial to me.

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    Other Care: Here is the links for where I got some of my info;

    TO BUY PROTOCEL there are 2 places in the US; COST IS $178 plus shipping. I got an email from webnd people who told me Protocel 50 is best for me and to read that book outsmart your cancer from amazon , uh but I have to wait till July 3 to do that lol.

    Found this guys website interesting and you can go to youtube and watch him make his batch. THIS IS THE BAKING SODA PROTOCOL

    This is that book

    Testimonial I thought was good

    RIGHT NOW I HAVE SWITCHED TO AN ALKALINE DIET as so many others do when they find out they have cancer. I was eating a very acidic diet before. I find this website useful and have eating this way now.

    SO BASICALLY based on some research this is what I am going to try first;

    Baking Soda Protocol until I get $200 to order the Protocel 50 online.
    Buy that book plus a few others i think will be helpful. I am talking about the outsmart your cancer book.
    Also jump on the mini trampoline 20 minutes in morning and 20 at night to jumpstart the lymph nodes so your natural immune system can start fighting the cancer.
    I would like to eat 50 apricot seeds as well (the center is soft you crack them open) theycontain vitamin b17 and is cyanide to cancer but got to figure out where to get that many apricots from or maybe someone knows where I can get b17 from hmm...
    Drink 1 gallon of water a day currently doing this.
    EAT ALKALINE DIET. whats this? Basically vegies / fruits but not just any very little to no meat and of course no red meat click on the link above to find what to eat ect.

    Thats all the info I got right now. Based on what I heard from my Dr.s at Stanford all of it is risky. They were honest with me and said that there's no way to know if we can get all the cancer due to the micro ones since CT and PET Scans cant see those. I already knew about that siince I had done alot of research online. THATS WHY YOU HAVE TO TRY THE PROTOCEL ANYWAYS PEOPLE! And that is my logic behind trying the Protocel becaue they CANT get it all and YOU HAVE TO try it anyways. I will let you know if my cancer is gone or not in a month or two and what I did exactly.

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    Decision Point: Found out june 21 2012 that the cancer tumor in my tongue which is large spread to the lymph nodes in my neck mostly right side but no where else so they say. Im glad I did some research on web regarding alternative treatments though I am realistic enough to realize it doesnt work for everyone. Im going to buy the book out smart your cancer by tanya from amazon and also try protocel 50 which is what the protocel people said is best for me. Right now since I dont have the money to buy the protocel I am trying the baking soda remedy. I did first mix it with molasses like that guy said on you tube from his website phkillscancer.com but since I already had my ct / pet scan I felt maybe I should just try it without the sugar since I really have no way of knowing if its working. This morning I drank 2 tablespoons of the stuff and also held a solution of the stuff in my mouth thinking maybe it willl soak a bit into the tonge and kill a few. Anyways I read Dr. Simoncini actually injected the stuff into your tumor but oh well how the heck am I gonna do that? Being unemployed on calworks (aka welfare) doesnt help thats why I have to wait till July 3 to get some money. I find it interesting as a person who receives governement benefits that when it comes to medical care they are very picky as to what they will pay for but guess what? When it comes to cancer the doctors at Stanford Medical Hospital in Palo Alto Ca said I wouldnt have to worry about that at all. Also parking is free for those on medical. Hmmm..... makes me wonder wow, they are so resistant to pay for many things health insurance wise oh but when it comes to cancer, surgery, radiation, chemo they're ready to pay? By the way I was recommended to do the surgery and loose half my tongue they said I would talk like someone who sounds retarded oh but that will come back for the most part after a month or so (no gaurantee) lol, and they also recommended to take out the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck and they're not sure but they see something on the left side of my neck but they want to check it doing a biopsy. And I still might need radiation treatment but they want to try to avoid it they said because of all the side effects I would have they said because I was so young radiation would be bad for me. They said I could have all radiation or only surgery or half and half its up to me but basically the radiatioon is baaaaadddd..... yeah. hmmm....
    I did not like the 15 or so doctors that came into my room and ogled me either. They say they are there to assist in the group decision as to what to do but they look more like students to me and we are their guinea pigs. In the end it was really Dr. Fee who came in and told me what the deal is what my options were ect what he thought was best. Hmmm.... Dr. Fee is the old doctor there he appeared to me to be the head doctor everyone followed his lead except the Dr. who I saw initially at the ENT clinic who is Dr. Corrales. Let me tell you Dr. Corrales is AWESOME. Why? Cuz first off he is direct no BS and he gives you the sincere feeling he cares and hes got a killer handshake literally! I dont trust Dr. Fee because 10 years ago he is the dr that diagnosed my Leukoplakia and let me quote you what he said to me, "Its your typical garden variety leukoplakia, the odds of it ever turning into cancer are extremely low will probably never happen, we dont know why people like you who dont smoke or do drugs or drink get this but its not cancer its a beningn form of it you have nothing to worry about, just come back every 3-4 years and check it". So i walked away from that with the impression that it was not cancer and will never be. Thats why I felt it was not serious. Now I am facing a serious situation. Maybe he should of told me hey this is serious and just because its not now it can become and you need to stay on top of this okay!!!! Also Dr. Fee when he came into the exam room on Thursday muttered under his breath oh this was leukoplakia and its cancer now hmm.... very odd....huh I was thinking its YOU! Well for the most part people I feel okay I am thankful it wasnt worse and after reading tons of testimonials and info on the web I know I am lucky so far. I dont mean to complain about my situation I only want to give an accurate account of what I went through if it helps anyone else who is at Stanford Hospital.

    But i have decided to try Protocel 50 and see if I can save my tongue. Let you know a month from now what really happened.

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    Oh No (Diagnosed): I was diagnosed with leukoplakia when I was 28 and had a biopsy / laser removal done and was told it was benign and that probably was nothing. Im 42 now and just found out it is cancer and is a tumor. I went to an ent doctor one year ago to get a biopsy but he felt it was no big deal since it stopped hurting. Now I am going to loose half of my tongue and I am awaiting to get more tests to see if it has spread. I sort of feel like this is happening to someone else. Im a single mom of 3 kids age 13, 11 and 4.5. So far I have a good attitude and took the 'bad' news well but felt a bit teary eyed at the notion of loosing so much of my tongue wondering if I will sound like babbling idiot though I was told no. But Im also worried it could be more serious. My youngests father is trying to be supportive but my real concern is for my kids well being and wonder if I should share this with them or keep it to myself? I dont want them to feel hurt or scared so I have not told them. I did tell my mom since we live together and felt she needed to know I felt terrible for her because she lost her mother to cancer and at least 5 siblings to it.

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