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    Just found my cancer breast 3 months ago had 3 rounds of chemo. Now at a stand still, my port pulled apart infection started ended up at ER could not take the pain anymore. They were no help the doc had never seen a port so I said give antibiotics, they gave me two bags of fluid and some pain meds. I went back to the doc and he said put antibiotic cream on it. Well I went home anger was pooring from sweat, it came apart man I'm not putting cream on this. So I used shoot can't think what I used lol let think of it bubbles up when you poor it on. Any way slowly it's healing, and I hope to go back to chemo this week if it's sore and a little red I'm not going.

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    This past May, I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the 4th time...3 of these diagnoses were within the past three years, I am so over this cancer thing. This has truly been a rough time for me emotionally and physically. I just recently finished radiation treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and I am glad to be back at home after spending 6 weeks away from my children. I feel like GOD is not finished with me, and I need to shout it to the world what GOD has done for me.

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