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    Thanks so much for the warm words it brings tears to my eyes. It was another bad day trying to get set up with physical therapy and going thur tests results. I'm so angry and it comes across to everyone. My husband is amazing but I don't let him see how afraid I am.......no tears.... I save that for late at night. I will check into info on Northwestern.... wish there was a place closer that I could go and get lung Dr and oncologist and physical therapy......one stop shopping. I'm not sure how to work this site yet either but at least I know that there are people out there that understand what I'm going thur and that helps tons.

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      It's really hard, but you are not alone. We are here for you. Here are some tips for using WhatNext:

      When on your home page (click "home" in the blue bar), and on the right you will see "find peers." These are the folks on WhatNext who most closely share your specific medical situation. Look at their profiles and journeys and if you'd like, reach out to them by posting on their walls. Also look through the Questions section and read what others are talking about or chime in if you are up for it.

      If you have other questions, please let us know. Keep fighting! You can do this =)

      over 9 years ago
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    Got diagnosed and had lobectomy on vacation in Feb... have had lots of trouble and am on oxygen 24/7 from complications of surgery. Since I had surgery in another state and the hospital wouldn't send test results it has been very frustrating and I feel exhausted. Finally got test results sent to GP Dr in Illinois just this week (can you believe it) and now he tells me I need to see oncologist. I also need to go to pulmonary therapy to get lung working and I feel so overwhelmed with everything. And now all the bills are coming it too. Seems like everything is moving to fast for me even tho it's been months. Not sure what I should do next??

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      Hi Katie, So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I know it comes as a shock. There's a lot to deal with both physically and mentally, that's for sure. My suggestion to you is to get yourself to a university cancer center such as Northwestern or the University of Chicago. They use the latest therapies and you will have quick access to clinical trials, should you be a suitable candidate. I have been under the care of Dr. Terrance Peabody (for bone metastases) originally at U of C, now at Northwestern and Dr. Melissa Johnson at Northwestern for over 20 months now and am doing very, very well.

      As for the bills, there are many posts on this site with places where you can get help in that regard.

      Know that you will have support here on this site. I know you're scared and overwhelmed. Things will get better. You're not alone.

      over 9 years ago
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      Katie, it can be so over whelming. I know that 6 years ago our bills were flying in at the rate of 8 to 12 thousand a week and we were ' out of network' to our insurance. I sat every Sunday and sorted, matched billing numbers and put them in a binder, then would see who was getting money that week. One Sunday in checking over the XXX of bills that had come in that week it seemed that we had been double billed for something so I went to the medical billing office so have them check on it. I handed the lady my binder and she said "WOW, you have a lot of bills to pay her, how much do you owe?" At that time is was around $98,000. She asked about our income and insurance. Then informed me that we could 'declare' hardship. In 5 days we got a call and she told me if we could pay $13,000 we would be paid in full!!!!!! So, long story short, there is help available and it seems that the hospitals and doctors will work with you.
      At the present time we are in our second battle with lung cancer, but not winning...but we do have Medicar and both David and I are pretty happy about being old for the first time.
      Hang in there Katie, maybe you have someone that can help you with your 'bookkeeping' it is very important that you check and recheck each bill and right now it isn't a job YOU should be taking care of, you take care of Katie.
      Blessings and Light,

      over 9 years ago
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