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    I had a lumpectomy and a subsequent excision. The last biopsy says that there is more microscopic insutu cancer around the top borders.

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      Hi Katya, Two years ago I had a lumpectomy that turned into 3 lumpectomies ( 2 weeks apart) because they couldn't get clean margins all the way around. The margins were clean after the third excision. Since the microscopic insitu cancer was localized and had not spread to my lymph nodes, I had radiation following the lumpectomy (ies).
      Two years later almost to the day, the same DCIS showed up again in the same place on mammogram. I had a mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy 3 weeks ago. Again, nodes are clean and the cancer is non-invasive. I would recommend a second opinion if you feel you need it.
      Radiation does not replace surgically removing the cancerous cells. Having the mastectomy now instead of waiting in fear for your cancer to return is my advice. Also, they can start reconstruction during the same surgery as the mastectomy if you choose to go that route.
      Good Luck with your decision and recovery!!

      over 9 years ago
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      first I want to say, I am so sorry. I too am a newbie to this cancer thing as well, however I have been an OB/GYN nurse for about 40 years. I had a mastectomy Dec 5, 12 for invasive ductal CA. Although I was told that I only had one tumor and they wanted to do a lumpectomy I opted for mastectomy because I have seen more found so often at the time of surgery, and low and behold that's what happened to me. Like everyone else here I would suggest you get at least one other opinion. I am headed back for a second mastectomy to get rid of the other possible cancer maker....but even so I will have to have Chemo since I went from stage 1 before surg to stage II or III after the pathology report came back. It is very shocking, and I think that all or most of us are like deer in the headlight for quite a while after diagnosis. Get a good second opinion and think long term...I will be thinking about you. Hugs.

      over 9 years ago
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      The only advise I would give is if there is a second occurrence or a third the best thing to do is mastectomy and possible implant so u don't have to worry anymore. kimg09

      over 9 years ago
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