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    Hi Mcgonegle7,
    I'm 62 diagnosed April 2021 with Stage 111B Low Grade Endometroid OC, finished 6 Carbo/Taxol October 2021 currently NED

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    Hi there, welcome to WhatNext.My family found this site for me in 2013 when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 66. This site was a lifeline for me. Communicating with other cancer survivors was very important to me and the support I received in return helped me through some dark times. I commend you for sharing your journey. My cancer was high grade. I had been misdiagnosed for seven months when I finally demanded further testing and. a CT scan reveled my stage IIIC ovarian cancer.

    There are many helpful cancer survivors on this site though not too many ovarian cancer survivors as such, probably in part because it is considered a rare cancer compared to lung, breast , blood and colon cancers. There are specific ovarian cancer survivor groups on Meta ( formerly Facebook ). One site I encourage you to visit is OCRAhope.org. The site is a wealth of information and support. Yes, it does ask for donations but is not heavy handed about it. The site not only supports survivors but donates their monies to further scientific exploration of the causes of ovarian cancer and hopefully one day we can put chemo in the rear view. Prior to Covid they held national conferences . Women survivors from all over the United States attended. I was fortunate to be able to attend two of these conferences . The air is filled with hope, support and laughter at these gatherings and I hope in 2022 or 2023 the conferences come back. Additionally at these conferences they have some of the leading doctors informing survivors about the latest updates on the war against ovarian cancer.

    As you can see, I am now an eight year survivor of ovarian cancer. I still have my chest port in since I was a late stage ,high grade cancer survivor, and I know the risks about recurrence. I am lucky, my port has not been a problem and I have it flushed every five weeks. I can tell you that at pelvic exams or blood draws I am still a bit nervous but time diminishes the high scanxiety I had for two or three years after chemo. I hope my information helps you and I am happy to communicate with you anytime and try to answer any questions you may have. You can read my experiences on my wall. I wish you continued better days ahead.

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    Welcome to the group, Kitty. Love your name! Please look at my page for a lot of info on my wife's various treatments and side-effects and ways to address those side-effects.

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    Post Treatment Hernia Surgery

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      I'm not in your situation but just wanted to wish you all the best in making a decision. Get all the info you can, do your research so you can make an informed decision. That includes asking questions of the surgeon or any treating doctor. We need to self advocate!

      4 months ago
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    Celebration (Remission): CA125 went from 4200 before hysterectomy to 8 Pelvic CT scan is clear blood counts back to normal