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    Our friend came to stay with us in March 2012. He has had a rough couple of years and this is home to him. He was with us for about 2 weeks when he showed signs like a stroke. We took him to the emergency room and a couple days later they were removing his tumor, a GBM. He has since had the 6 weeks of the radiation/Temador. He started the second round of Temador but we noticed he was having bad headaches again so we took him for a second opinion, where he had a second surgery. This time they removed the cyst that had formed where the GBM was and they also removed more of the tumor which was killed by the chemo and radiation. Now we are back in the recovery stage from surgery. I am thankful that he is doing very well with recovery. He doesn't seem to have any bad side effects from the surgery itself. But now it is a waiting game. I am not sure how to help him cope. My husband and I try to help with everything we can but unfortunately we also have two children that require alot of time. I would love to find a support group to be able to take him to as well. He seems to be in favor of this. I have found one but it is an hour away. Does anyone have suggestions on where to find support groups? Any advice on how we can help him mentally deal with the situation would be wonderful.

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      The American Cancer Society has tremendous resources and might be abel to recommend a support group local to your friend. They can be reach at the phone number to the right and bottom of this page. You might also want contact the local cancer center and see what they recommend. Please keep us posted and let me know if you need additional help. We are here for you.

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