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    Oh No (Friend just newly diagnosed; now, what to expect.)

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      Hi kimjordan-
      I am still experiencing the"what now?' feelings you are going through. I was diagnosed with my Cancer in February and it didn't register with me for some time. It didn't sink in. When I registered with this site, I wasn't sure what stage of Stage 3 I was, so I put Stage IIIC. I don't really know what stage I'm in in Stage 3. lol
      There are so many things happening to my bosy that I didn't expect. Go with the flow, I guess!
      I have numbness in my fingertips, arthritis in both hands(sometimes) and my hair has fallen out. I also get tired frequently. Having the inability to do common things (like stepping onto a curb) is frustrating.
      Yet, I rely on the support of friends and family. Just being able to talk to them is wonderful.
      I went shopping with friend yesterday snd that was great.
      Take each moment as it comes, feel joy in the present, comgratulate yourself when you've accomplished anything.
      Keep in touch.

      over 8 years ago
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