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    Kris asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Breast reconstruction for one breast and breast lift for the other

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      I had a mastectomy, tram flap reconstruction and a lift on my other breast seven weeks ago. The first few weeks home from the hospital were the worst. The recovery has been long but the results have been great! Still have swelling in the abdomen. I have been told that the swelling can last for months. I will have a second surgery in a few months to reconstruct the nipple and they will will do some liposuction to contour the abdomen and the new breast. I am going to have hi take some fat off my thighs at the same time.

      over 7 years ago
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      I've decided against reconstruction for a few reasons. One big one is that I do not want multiple surgeries. I'll be doing the bilateral mastectomy on Monday. I'm quite at peace with being flat chested... In fact, as an athlete, I look forward to my improved power to weight ratio after I recover my fitness.

      One thing I really don't understand is why reconstruction requires two or more surgeries if a person wants just small reconstructed breasts.... Seems like everything is geared to people wanted to be B/C and bigger.... Alas.

      I also worry about the surgical movement of muscle tissue and do not want to compromise my athletic strength etc...

      So, in the end, I have opted out of reconstruction. It's such a personal decision. I figure I can always get the light weight fakees for when I wear something (e.g., bridesmaid dress in March) that needs a little something something.... Otherwise, I am looking forward to going braless 99+% of the time!

      GOOD LUCK! I think it's hard to figure all this out. Fortunately, I had chemo first, which gave me months to figure out what's going to be best for me.

      Best wishes,


      over 7 years ago
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      I hope all is well.

      Your question reminded me of some content we have on reconstruction experiences.




      It also reminded me to let WhatNexters know about our Beginner's Guide to Cancer, including a guide on how women chose between a lumpectomy and mastectomy.


      Best of luck to all,

      almost 6 years ago
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    Thank you for posting on my wall. I had not seen it. I have been watching questions but had not looked at my own wall for some time. Are you doing well? I am sure it is still quite the recovery. I know from my recovery from only a mastectomy, it takes longer than you set out thinking it will take. Having both at the same time, had to have been quite an invasive surgery.

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      Hi Kris! Today marks seven weeks since my surgery. Each day gets a little better and I have no regrets. I still do not have my strength back but I am starting to do a few easy hikes to build my stamina back up! I am taking less pain medication and sleeping better. I am still sore but mostly after I walk or try to do a little housework! I know this will get better over time. I am having my second surgery in April or May and they will reconstruct the nipple and do a little liposuction to even out the abdomen and get rid a few little lumps and bumps. Did you decide what you were going to do?

      over 7 years ago
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