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    I have been diagnosed with Basal Skin Cancer Micro Nodular on my left cheek. I have been told by several doctors to have the Mohs surgery or Excision only because it has a 99% cure rate but I am horrified by the scars I have seen... It is on my face and I am only 32 in event marketing and I cannot stand the way it looks right now after my skin grafting to diagnose the skin cancer. I went in for Laser resurfacing to have it fixed because i could not stand the way it looked already and then to find out they could not do the laser resurfacing and I was told it was going to get worse as I now have skin cancer.... Ironically I fell on my bike and was using creams and it turned into skin cancer I guess in the very same spot? I cannot do the Aldara cream because it is not superficial.... I have not found a doctor who does Photo Therapy or Laser Skin Cancer treatment.

    Mohs is also $2,000 and I do not have insurance.... :(

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.....


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      Krissy, I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. But coming from being a Marketing Director myself I understand how you feel. I can tell you this...within 3 months I left my job, moved out of state, started treatment, was told that I was going to lose my left arm from what started as Melanoma on the arm..a tiny spot. They saved the arm took lymphnodes, etc. I now have a huge scar from my lower shoulder to my elbow and the arm is missing a "hunk" like I have never seen. Vanity gains a different perspective when it is our life we are talking about. I also can tell you this, I told my fiance' that I would look so ugly with no arm and when I woke up he said "you are so beautiful and guess what? You have your arm". At that moment it did not matter about the pain nor the scars ahead but what mattered is that I woke up. There is an abundance of new techniques available now. Take a good look in the mirror and you will be suprised what is important underneath the business suit. As for insurance, I too had none. There are sources available out there privately. If you are a marketer, you are resourceful. Now get Googling...prayers to you!

      almost 10 years ago