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    Welcome to WhatNext, we are sorry for your need to find us, but happy that we can help you. There are a lot of great people here that have already been through what you are facing and are willing to help you get through it too. If you have questions about anything just post them on the Questions Page. Others will chime in with their personal experiences.

    If you need help navigating the site, please contact me, we are happy to assist. We also have active social pages, you may wish to search those out also. Take some time and poke around the site, there is a world of information here that you will find. The more you dig, the more you will find.

    We may have an opportunity for you to make your voice heard by allowing us to share your information with our partner Rare Patient Voice (www.rarepatientvoice.com) and be invited to qualify for surveys and phone interviews for projects that apply to you and if you do qualify you will be compensated on a $100 per hour basis. There are pharma companies that would like to hear about your experiences with certain drugs or side effects. Your information might help develop the next generation of drugs.

    For now, what is the biggest issue that you are facing? Please post what you need to know on the questions page and others will help you.

    Thank you for joining us, if you have questions please contact us.
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    Question: Food/Eating

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    Labrooksie asked a questionColorectal (Colon) Cancer


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      Hi @Labrooksie. Like @JaneA I have a permanent colostomy and my body tolerates almost everything (the only part of my digestive system missing is my rectum and I've had a colostomy for almost eight years). That being said, I drink whey protein shakes -- as much because I lift weights as for getting enough protein/calories. I have learned over time that foods that are very high in fat or high in sugar, especially in combination, do not stay in my system very long. Also, I LOVE Mexican food. I also love buffalo wings.

      14 days ago
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      You can try different recipes of chocolate-cream smoothies, hot chocolate, fruit-cream smoothies, yogurt-fruit smoothie, etc. Corn is a high-calorie food. You can have cream corn or sweet corn. You can use nuts in any way you like with desserts, salads or just as dry fruits. You can also substitute normal butter with peanut butter. Peanut butter sandwiches provide a high number of calories too. Milkshakes, ice cream, chocolate mousse, puddings, etc are high-calorie desserts. Add butter and cheese to sandwiches, casseroles, gravies, curries, bread, and pasta. Use condensed milk, evaporated milk or sour cream to make desserts and other food instead of skimmed milk or normal cream.
      But it is best to consult with your doctor for the best advice he can suggest to you the food that is well suited for you while you're on treatment.
      Best of luck!

      4 days ago
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      I have an ilostomy. I tried Mexican food. I chose a restaurant known for not having really spicy food. The only thing I couldn’t tolerate was the cheese dip. It did taste to spicy. The things I am craving is stuff I shouldn’t eat. Mushrooms!!! All I want is fried mushrooms, stuffed mushrooms! I can’t wait for this to be reversed and I can eat normally. (I hope)

      4 days ago
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    Welcome from a Stage IV rectal cancer survivor. I'm sorry that you have gotten this diagnosis. But there is lots of support and friendship here at WhatNext. Please ask questions and we'll try to help.

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    Drug or Chemo Therapy

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