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    LChatCat asked a questionOvarian and Fallopian Tube Cancer

    Does it really go away?

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      I finally at age 62 listened to what I was told about God.
      1) He wants the best for us
      2) Let him lead you
      3) Let him take your worries and not let them bother you.

      I was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer. Had a 39 lb tumor removed with my right and left ovaries... (Hysterectomy was done 22 years earlier) I had two years of chemo... and I've held God's hand tightly... he's led me to here - 7 years later... and I have had only momments of fear since then. I see my oncologist's PA every six months for exam and CA125. As someone once said... "Let go and let God"... (That and I've done all that my oncologist has asked me to do!!!)

      about 9 years ago
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      I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2008 and have had blood work done every 3 months since my 2 surgeries. My CA-125 levels have fluctuated since having surgery but I was told not to worry unless it goes beyond the normal range of what it should be. Then I was told that even though it may go over the level, there may be other reasons for the spike that has nothing to do with a reoccurrence. Try not to think the worst when you get the results. I keep telling myself that I won't worry until the doctor tells me there's something to worry about so that's the best advice I can give you. Take care.

      about 9 years ago
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      I am one of those people for which the CA125 test just doesn't work. I had Stage IV Ovarian Cancer, without any recognizable symptoms and my levels were not elevated. I have been fortunate because my oncologist has PET scans done. I was pronounced cancer free in June, 2012, only to have it recur this June, 2013. My cancer was widespread across my abdominal area, with my surgeon saying he removed all the tumors he could see, but had to finally stop, after about 3 hours in surgery. My Oncologist said the caner is not curable, but treatable. I think we have to learn to live with that and make the most of our lives and enjoy ourselves as much as possible. I really believe that cancer lives in most of us, it just doesn't rear its ugly head until something triggers it. Also, we may not die of cancer, but we will probably die with it. Keep a positive attitude and, if you believe in a higher power, rely on prayer. It definitely gets me through each day. Try not to concentrate on the fact that the cancer is back, concentrate on what each day brings. Best wishes and share when you feel up to it.

      about 9 years ago
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