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    Welcome from a Stage IV rectal cancer survivor - I am 4 1/2 years out from my diagnosis. I understand your fears about chemo. I had the most aggressive chemo because I was Stage IV - I did very well. The medicines that they use now to prevent nausea and vomiting work. I didn't have nausea and never threw up - not a single time.

    Keep an open mind to your options. Those of us who are here on WhatNext are survivors ... thanks to chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery ... all traditional medicine.

    Best wishes for wisdom in decision making. We're all here to help you.

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    Hi, sorry to hear you are going through this and totally understand you not wanting to put poison in your system! I had chemo prior to my surgery to help reduce the size of the tumor but elected not to do any more after my surgery. At the time, they doctors could not tell me definitely that it would help so I took a chance. Having said that, I did have re-occurence to my lungs and ended up going on chemo again, but that very well could have happened anyhow. It think it's a good plan to hear out your doctor and also solicit the folks on this site for their experiences. You'll get a lot of different views that may help you with that decision. Keep us posted!

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    Hi Jayne. You were very positive about what you went through. I haven’t started anything yet. I know I will be doing the organic diet for an alkaline body. Don’t know about chemo. It’s poison can’t stand the thought of putting that in my body.

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      Hi, I am on an all organc sugar free diet, juicing, chemo is not like it was not even a month ago, we can’t cure this beast without it. That’s just my opinion everyone is different. I tried to go off of it for a few months to give my body a break but in that time my tumor grew, and had to go back on. Now my markers are 3.2 almost normal. Sugar feeds cancer so I’m off it completely, it hasn’t been easy giving up the things I like but my life is more important then that. I had a friend that opt out of chemo and I’m sad to say she is no longer with us.

      2 months ago
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    Decision Point (Just going into it now. I want to go the organic holistic method. No chemo. I have an appt with an oncologist in two weeks. I will hear her out and also have questions for her. I will not have my time left whatever it may be , throwing up constantly . S)