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    Geekling, my heart goes out to you for how the medical establishment has treated you.

    I was just now re-reading the long string of posts offered to Brendan in the UK, and noted there that you had an external cancerous growth that was poo-poohed and ignored for years. Outrageous!! I had some external growths which were disregarded, also, but blessedly, got myself to a colorectal surgeon after a year of that, who instantly knew what he was seeing (without even doing a biopsy). What doctors don't know is scary, and as you said, often times they lack sufficient curiosity/care for a patient to even be adequately treated.

    I'm so glad you made it through all that you did, despite the battering your body has taken. I am with you on the extreme sensitivity in the genital area from the radiation. Who knew the source of so much former pleasure could now be the source of horrible pain! Also, if I am ever able to use regular toilet tissue again, I'll be amazed.

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      Thank you for writing. And thank you for your good wishes. Keep hope. It took me four years before I could gingerly wipe again. Amazingly, it was also a BFD (big freaking deal) to find a plumber who could install a "portable" bidet until that time came about. I hope the time frame will be less for you. They gave me so much radiation but I'm sure I told that story as well. I have found a pelvic floor therapist (who represents hope) and things are, um, stretching and my mind is slowly relearning to distinguish pleasure from pain which it had :"smudged" or blurred to get me through the torture I suffered. I tried on my own back 11 years ago but I quit short of victory in rage and frustration. I used to live just across the bridge from you up in Marin County.

      almost 7 years ago
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    Hi Melanomamama!
    I just looked at your website, and admire the work you have put into sharing your experiences over a long period of time. What a gift your path offers to anyone diagnosed with melanoma (bless you).

    I especially like the photo on the home page of you (more or less) dancing on your grave-ha! ha! GREAT GREAT GREAT! I felt more alive and energized just looking at it. In fact, I think I'm going to bookmark it, so that I can catch the spirit and energy of that photo from time to time. It's joyous and triumphant.

    Your perseverance, courage, and generosity are evident. May all that you offer be returned to you many times over.
    (Ms.) Lee in San Francisco
    Anal cancer diagnosis with treatment completed just prior to Christmas--and feeling very good about it all

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      Thanks so much for your enthusiastic comments. I hope your completed treatment keeps the beast at bay forever. You may not have noticed, but on my web page, www.melanomamama.com, if you click on "buy this book," it will bring up a place to click on "download free sample." Then, when you have time, you can read, for free, the first two chapters of Melanoma Mama: On Life, Death, and Tent Camping. The dancing on the tombstone cover photo that you liked came about serendipitously. I was with my cousin and we were taking a nostalgic tour on Cape Cod of our grandmother's home and environs. We stopped in the cemetery next to her house where she used to take us and let us play on the tombstones. I jumped up on one to play, and my cousin took a photo. When I saw it, I realized how appropriate it would be to convey the message of my book, which is about finding joy while dwelling in the valley of the shadow of death.
      Constance Emerson Crooker

      almost 7 years ago
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    Question: New to site

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    Hi Exeter,
    Welcome to the site! (And congrat's on getting it together to post a photo, also!)

    I think it's wonderful that you are here for your partner. In my opinion, the support of loved ones fosters about half of what is needed for healing. The other half consists of medical care. Some don't have the support of loved ones, and so cobble together a support network of friends, associates, etc.---INCLUDING the wonderful members of this lively site.

    As with most things, the more you use the site (both to learn and to contribute your experiences and questions), the more you'll get from it.

    The cancer can be beaten, and there are plenty of testimonies to that on this site (with more to come, of course---including MINE, I say with hope and positivity).
    Take care--both of you!

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    Hi Franklongood, I'm happy you found this site (and God bless the people who started it!). I have an anal cancer diagnosis, also (stage two). It was diagnosed on 8.9.13, and soon thereafter, I had a colostomy (so I could actually eat again!). At first, there was the hope that it could be reversed, but radiation did too much damage for that. Even so, I'm alive!

    The treatment I've completed is 6.5 weeks of radiation and two weeks of chemo. So far so good! My six-week check-up will arrive in February.

    I'm doing my best to take this one day at a time, to give myself all the rest my body desires, to eat well, and to keep a positive inner environment (which includes screening the influences in my outer environment).

    I really enjoy this site. It's very active with people who reach out to one another, because they truly know what it's like to deal with a cancer diagnosis. There is a wealth of information here. I have been taking it in, little by little (as I am able), and appreciate it all.

    I wish you all the best, and hope you'll participate as you are able. Godspeed, Frank, a wish I send with all sincerity.