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    Shocked and saddened to hear bout the death of Lirasgirl33. I write with tears in my eyes to think about losing another friend. Her picture with her smiling face will live in my memory forever. Peace to her family and friends.

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    Heaven received the most beautiful Angel the day God called you home. You will be deeply missed and remembered by all of your friends here. Your love and inspiration helped all of us continue to battle on. Your courage and resilience amazed me. I take comfort in knowing you are pain free and at peace. My deepest condolences to your beautiful family. I will think of you often when I look to the sky.

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    My condolences to all of the loved ones who are left behind to make sense of another cancer loss. RIP and thanks for the great contributions you have made here!

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    Rest in Peace

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    Oh No (Cancer is back/Recurred ): Hello Pals, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope my post finds you all doing good or at least getting through each day with hope and full of love. I would like to inform you all that this will be my last post here on Whatnext. I had to stop the clinical trial because the cancer progressed. My health deteriorated and since October, I've been hospitalized 3 times. I'm in Hospice care here at home with family. I keep praying for all of us dealing with cancer and send nothing but love, hugs and warm healing thoughts your way. Love you all. <3

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      What's happening? Please know that there are many people praying for you.

      4 months ago
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      Just learned you booked passage to the Undiscovered Country. May you have a stupendous trip, a happy landing, and good times knowing you were loved

      4 months ago
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      OMG I just found you on this website and am so sad I am too late! You Lirasgirl -you are one of the most amazing and wonderful human beings I have yet to come across! You are no longer suffering. I read all of your posts like I was reading a novel because you wrote so lovely and so beautifully, enduring so much pain and suffering and yet NEVER really feeling sorry for yourself or complaining. You carried your very heavy burden with so much dignity, love, patience, positivity and faith. You truly are an angel and beautiful soul! Thank you for all of your posts. I can say that I felt love and respect for you. May you now be in rest and peace. Please shine down upon us here.

      8 days ago
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    10/14/15- Sooooo I've been in the hospital since Monday (4 days ago). What was supposed to be a quick procedure has turned into a guessing game. I came in for an ERCP to remove what was possibly a gallstone that is blocking the common bile duct in my liver. They tried and couldn't get the endoscope through the main duct due to narrowing of some sort. 2 days later they tried again, not only using x-Ray but also ultrasound for better guidance of the scope. No success. They did take some tissue samples of what might have been a swollen lymph node and that has been sent to pathology. No pathology results as of yet. Now I am waiting for a biliary drain to be placed to relieve the blockage in the bile ducts. I remember the discomfort of having a drain in place after my abdominal hysterectomy so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit nervous. Plus I'm starving! They haven't let me eat in over a day. Ah. Things haven't gone as planned but I'm ok. I'm alive, not in pain, thank you God. I continue to walk by faith. Hugs to everyone out there going through treatment, side effects, after effects, complications, etc. Love you all and I continue to pray for all of us. God bless you. <3

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      Thinking about you and hoping you are feeling better and are home soon (I you aren't already).

      7 months ago