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    Nancy, most definitely. www.acor.org
    Don't forget the www in front of it.
    The stomach cancer group seems to be a bit quiet right now. Kidney group and liposarcoma group are always very active.
    For the less common cancers you need to navigate to the page that lists them all.

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    My friend is being treated in New Orleans but is trying to get in to see someone at MD Anderson. Can anyone recommend a doctor there?

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      My recommendation is that she stick with one medical team. If she is already in treatment, switching now could harm more than help. Does she feel the treatment she is getting is inadequate?

      Everyone certainly needs a competent medical team, but once a treatment plan has been established and implemented, the protocols are pretty standard and going elsewhere for administration of treatment is often an extra hassle, expense, risk of something falling through the cracks during the change over, without providing any benefit to the patient.

      about 9 years ago
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      My father went to Dr. Jaffer Ajani for five years and trusted him and his judgment.

      about 9 years ago