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    Prior to your diagnosis, did you consider yourself a "healthy eater"?

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      I was anorexic and sometimes bulimic as a young person. Those are not healthy eating habits. When I got married I cooked healthy meals for my husband but I threw them up. After my divorce I had to eat somewhat just to keep up my strength to raise my children. Once my children left home I went back to my old habits. Just last week I read an article on esophageal cancer in bulimic women. It is very hard to track because bulimia is rare in men and esophageal cancer is unusual in women.

      about 1 month ago
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      I was not a healthy eater. I eat a lot. Before cancer, and still have problems with my eating habits. I always look fit and I thought that I was lucky to wear small size which gave me more incentives to continue eating sweets. I believe that eating is One factor and we are really what we eat and also believe that my cancer was triggered by m bad habits.

      about 1 month ago
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      Well, I had stopped eating red meat years ago, but continued to eat fowl and fish. I've now stopped eating any animal flesh other than fish, for health reasons, not because I love animals, though I do love animals. I still eat tons of cheese and some sweets. Some vegetables but few fruits. I've been restricting alcohol intake to a glass of wine or beer once a month, as one of the things current studies show is that alcohol intake is correlated to an increased chance of developing a breast cancer. A high-fat diet isn't too great, either, so I try to not eat so much cheese....

      about 1 month ago
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    Scientists halt growth of colon, stomach cancers

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    When I am feeling real bad and start feeling sorry for myself, I often think of this. It's true, there are usually people around that are much worse off than you. Hard to believe sometimes, but I see them.

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      This is definitely something to remember!!!

      3 months ago
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      Wow - this is good. It's a very good thing to remember.

      3 months ago
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    Do you look at the stars? I like to sit outside and look at the stars, watch airplanes fly over, etc. It calms me. Tonight.....

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      Yes! It's so peaceful and comforting. It's so awe-inspiring to see the Milky Way stretching across the sky, and then - to realize you're looking at the cross-section of our galaxy....! I had a telescope a while back, and used it to look at the "super moon" a few years ago - wow!

      Planning to travel in August for the solar eclipse! First time in 26 years that the shadow will cross the U.S. Wow!

      3 months ago
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      LisaR I love looking at the heavens, the stars, moon and even clouds by day. It is comforting and it reminds me that the creator of heaven and earth holds them in place and He is able to watch over me.

      It is very cloudy and rainy here so I cannot see anything but I hope you can see it and enjoy it for me also.

      When I see airplanes during the day or just their lights by night, I think of the technology it took to build them and keep them in the air. There was a time we did not have that and it reminds me, one day there will be a cure for cancer!!!

      3 months ago
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      Always look up!

      3 months ago