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    treatment options lung cancer that has spread to the brain

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      Hello, I am an oncology nurse and if you are asking how mets to the brain is treated then most often it is with radiation followed by steroids on some occasions depending on the intensity of the treatment, as radiation and surgery to the brain can cause scar tissue and treatment induced scar tissue on the brain is the leading cause of seizures in oncology. The only time when radiation is not deemed successful for either lung or breast metastases to the brain would be if it resulted in the diagnosis of leptomeningeal carcinomatosis. I am sure that your doctors will do the best for you. Good luck, Carm RN.

      about 8 years ago
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      I hope this gives you some reassurance: eight years ago a physician I work with was diagnosed with lung cancer, was treated with surgery and chemo, then mets to her brain a few years later, she had a few radiation treatments then "whole brain radiation", other than losing her peripheral vision she is STILL PRACTICING MEDICINE...she is the kindest, most empathetic physician I have ever met...of course, all our journeys are different but this is a true story of hope, she is sending her oldest daughter off to college and she never thought she would see her finish grammar school! She also is a deeply faith-filled person and credits that, in part with a wonderful team, with getting her to this point. Good luck and God bless!

      about 8 years ago
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      radiation is the treatment of choice. Look into Proton therapy. Thisis a very precise almost thread like application direct to the tumor. I know it seems scary but I have met many..I mean many people with mets to the brain, from Lung Cancer who had the cancer zapped and they are many years without reccurance. So hang on..The treatment is painless and very quick.

      And there is so much in the pipeline for solid tumor cancers. There is hope. A lot of Hope.

      All the best,

      about 8 years ago
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