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    Thank you, finally found someone who is in stage 3 with the HER2 positive, ( I was diag. back in Jan. of 2012, still indergoing treatment) and making it years after being diagnosed. glad to hear it, take care and God Bless You

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    So happy to have read your story, You Go Girl, keep on fighting this, your story is so encouraging.
    God Bless you and your doctors

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    Hello, I was diagnosed with Double Neg. HER2 Pos. in Jan. of 2012 I am in stage 3, I am praying that all will go well with you, sounds like you have an Excellent Attitude, keep that with you at all times, stay close to God, and with the help of doctors and family support, you will be around for many more holidays.
    God Bless

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    I am experiencing double negative HER 2 positive stage 3 breast cancer, and I was hoping that there is someone out there who has been thru this and is a survivor of at least 5 or more years.
    I am hoping that one day, if I am asked this question, that I will be able to give someone encouragement.

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      Hi littleangel65. You can perform this search by clicking on People in the purple bar, then use the search filters on the left. I hope this helps!

      almost 10 years ago
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    Radiation (External radiation ): I have 10 more treatments to go as of today, out of 33 total, so far it has been painless for the most part. I have just a slight sunburn like sensation, not enough to even worry about. I am extremely tired at times, but that is to be expected.