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    I was also a triple negative! I finished my 33 rounds of radiation at the end of June. Feeling alot better now. It was a pain to have to go every day. Hope you are doing good. Just went for my 6 month check up. All was ok but my liver enzymes were slightly elevated. Dr wants to retake my blood. Said was probably nothing but better safe than sorry I guess.

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    How do I lower my liver enzymes?

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      Let me answer with my second thought first because I read the note from the woman with "Zeal". Then I looked on the "Zeal for Life" website at the list of ingredients. Please do not willy nilly start taking pills and potions. Amongst the ingredients of this little suggestion is ashwaganda. Please check the serious contraindications for taking this product:


      This little herb is NOT for someone who is having problems with either liver or thyroid.

      Since you say you are obese, it would seem that would be the first thing to address and that would mean a total change in how you eat and live. Are you up to it? Heck, you just went through cancer tortures, er, treats, and you are capable of just about anything once you put your mind to it.

      I don't know a thing about synthoid (isn't it for thyroid?) but an improper dosage can make you somewhat sick and cause you to gain weight and lose energy.. Finding a proper dosage is trial and error. There are natural pills to correct hypothyroidism. Why not ask your doc about them?

      Besides a drastic change in diet (much more uncooked greens and fruit and some particular ones at that), you really need to find out the cause of these elevated liver enzymes. It is not normal. Taking milk thistle and NACL will mask the problem but not get to the root cause even though (I believe) milk thistle is liver protective.

      About 10 months after cancer being made kaput and 3 months after starting a regimen meant to strengthen me, I reached a plateau which was far below what I considered normal. I went back to the docs and had to fight and argue in order to get more blood tests which eventually revealed I had hcv. I thought about all the blood which was taken while I was under the doctor's care and asked how it was possible that either they had missed it or had missed telling me about the problem. The response was stupefying. "We thought you already knew."

      Be insistent and find out what is troubling your liver.

      BTW, I am a raw foodie. I believe how I eat helped to save my pitiable life.

      Very best wishes for recovered good health.

      about 4 years ago
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      Please ask your doctor to test you for the Hepatitis C virus (HCV). You should be screened for this just in case. The CDC now recommends that everyone in the "baby boom" generation be screened for HCV, it is a silent killer and it is estimated that approximately 12 million Americans have undiagnosed Hepatitis C. Often the only indication is elevated liver enzymes. Hepatitis C can be cured but left untreated it will damage your liver and lead to cirrhosis. It is the leading cause of primary liver cancer (HCC) and the majority of liver transplants in the USA are the result of Hepatitis C. Its a simple blood test to check for antibodies to the virus. If that test comes back positive you should then have a viral load test to see if you have active virus.

      Please get the test. It can save your life.

      about 4 years ago
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      Hi LittleHouse,

      It has been awhile since we have heard from you. I hope you are well and not having to go to the Doctor constantly. Were you able to lower your liver enzymes?

      Turns out you are not a lone. Below are links to other WhatNexters that had a similar problem.
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      Wishing you well.


      over 3 years ago
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    Hello I'm also a Triple Negative. I found my lump myself almost a year ago (Aug 14,2011). I had a lumpectomy and have been thru Chemo treatments as well as Radiation. My blood count was low 1/2 way thru my chemo so I took extra precaution not to be around too many people. I developed a lung infection and actually could not take my last chemo treatment (6). Oncologist was OK with that . My hair has started to come back and I feel more like myself now. I wish you well on your journey. I could not have made it thru mine with out God, Family and friends.