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    Hi, Donna! I just saw a post where you mentioned that you used to be outside with your dogs doing agility and it reminded me of your pups. How are they these days? : )

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      Hi Grace!

      They're okay... Cotton is 11-1/2 now and she is still like a puppy though she is starting to lose some teeth and look a little older. I can't tell that she's slowed down at all. Barney is about 10-1/2 and he is like a frail old man. I worry that I'm going to wake up one morning and find him gone ... and I'm not going to do well with that!!! I know you understand!! I dread being in the position you guys were in a short time ago.

      Have you gotten a new pup? I don't know what I'll do when I lose the ones I have ... it isn't really fair to adopt one at my age and with my health (which, as far as I know is okay, but still ... I got word the other day that a friend who had fought lung cancer for 12 years died in mid-May from it) ... but I sure don't see myself without one. I guess I might try to adopt an older dog, though I love and miss the puppy stage!

      Are you and your hubby doing okay? Mine falls all of the time ... all of the time ... he fell day before yesterday and thinks he broke a toe. I said, "Oh, I have just the remedy for that" and got out some essential oils. He didn't want me to put the concoction on his toe ... but when they took away all of the pain, he was all for having more applied later on :) (I can't tell if the toe is broken or just bruised ... I think it was sprained and bruised - it's the toe beside the little toe so I think all he can do is live with it until it heals ... whatever he did to it.)

      Thank you for being so good about staying in touch!!! You're awesome!


      3 days ago
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      No, we have not gotten another dog yet. I'm not sure if and/or when we will. Our hearts aren't ready just yet. Plus, we had three trips planned for this year. Two have been cancelled and one is probably going to be cancelled. We're thinking that if we reschedule the trips it might be best to wait on a dog until after the trips.

      Yes, we're fine otherwise. I'm sorry your husband keeps falling. Do you guys know why? Is it just slippery floors or do you think there's a medical issue? I hope he's okay.

      I know what you mean about the essential oils. We had a similar issue. My husband had some dry skin and I recommended some lotion but he didn't like the feeling of the lotion. He finally tried it and liked how it relieved the dry skin so now he uses it occasionally. Guys. :-/

      Take care, my friend.


      2 days ago
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