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    My Dad was diagnosed last week with a large inoperable tumor in his occipital lobe. A biopsy on Monday has confirmed the diagnosis. Doctor recommended no treatment and gave us 8 weeks, but my parents just aren't made that way and are going to do radiation to try and extend his life. He is on steroids to reduce the brain swelling, and anti-seizure meds. I just would like to know what to expect to try and help prepare my Mom and sister.

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      Sorry to hear of your Dad's diagnosis. My Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and told 6 months. She made it 8 months, without treatment. She chose to not have it.

      When/if you get to the point of considering Hospice, do not be afraid of it we went through it with both Mom and Dad.

      If you have specific questions you would like information on, please post them in the "questions" tab at the top of the page. This way they are routed to those who can best answer them, and they are seen by anyone who is browsing the questions page. That's where most people "hang out" looking for questions that need answers.

      Sorry for why your here, but we are happy to help.

      Greg P
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      over 8 years ago
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