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    Hi I was diagnose with the same thing in march of last year. I went thru chemo, surgery and radiation. I was finish in Jan. of this year and still have swelling in that area. To move on with my life I take it one day at a time or else it wil become overwhelming.

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    Hi i was diagnosed last year march. I have 6 cycles of chemo, then surgery and 29 cycles of radiation.

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    The side effects from chemo can be so awful. I finish chemo in August and had surgery in Sept and Radiation in Novem. I still feel some side effects from the chemo like fatigue and someatimes a litte off balance. I hope that your side effects get better.

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    cact seem to get my diagnosis inputed in the field. I was diagnois with breast cancer in march of 2011. I look forwarrd in sharing my expierience and questions with others. Please help me get thru. Thank You.

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      Hi longestjourney,

      I just saw this, apologies! To add in your diagnosis, click "Home" in the blue bar above. You should see "add diagnosis" by your picture which looks like faceless person in a blue shirt. You can change that, too. Click on add diagnosis and then that should work. Let us know if you are still having trouble.


      over 10 years ago
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