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    This is a local event in Saratoga NY. Sounds awesome, and I'm definitely going!

    Obtain Tickets here: http://celebrateoctober.eventbrite.com/

    Who? Anyone and everyone who would like to celebrate the spirit of life with several of our local hero cancer support organizations including: To Life!, CRAAB, Hope in the Boat, The Hope Club, Susan G. Komen, Simplifying Lives, floydwarriors.com, Peaceful Acres Horses, Cancer Services Program, and the American Cancer Society.

    What? A cocktail reception, light fare provided by 7 area restaurants, a Pink Beauty Party in the Parlor, and followed by an inspirational sing-a-long in Congress park. A great night out in the beautiful Canfield Casino

    When? Thursday, October 4th, 2012 at 5pm

    Where? Canfield Casino & Congress Park

    Cost? Tickets are only $25 per person and can be purchased at CRAFTERS GALLERY 427 Broadway, Saratoga Springs*, Impressions of Saratoga, Bella Rouge & online click here .

    *Purchase a pair of tickets at CRAFTERS GALLERY, receive a $15 free gift card.

    Help us support floydwarriors.com by treating yourself to a great evening. Hope to see you there.

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    Yes 24 years ago was a whole other world! I would be completely dejected if I had to go without my cellphone, the internet and facebook! Amazing to be able to connect with people in my situation anytime, day or night. I think we are in the same time zone haha. I am doing really well today, but the whole chemo thing is overwhelming. I think the day I have it, and the few days after are going to riddled with anxiety "waiting" for something crazy to happen to my body. Oct 4, 10pm and you can be sure I'll be posting the minute they hook me up,,,,glad I wandered onto this site yesterday....Lora

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    I'm the old one on the right....My daughter and my 2 boys have been amazingly strong and I"m so grateful to have them. My middle son is 23 and he moved into my apartment when my daughter left for college. I'm very lucky. I tell myself that every day.

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    Thank you Teddyfuz :-) Chemo-tiredness will be a huge pain in the ars. I have to work! I'm being really rigid with myself about taking time off because it took a lot to finally be offered a full time spot where I work and Im so grateful. They are supportive, and I have an office where I can close the door and work at my own pace. I'm hoping I can remain strong enough to keep coming in. I like money too much to lose a day's pay! I am really going off the deep end when I get the new boobs...lol. After chemo I;m getting the reconstruction completed. By summer I'll be shopping a blue streak. Ugh, maybe I need treatment for that!! hahaha

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      I hear ya sister! I actually enjoyed coming into work while I was doing chemo because it helped me feel normal and kept me focused on things other than myself. By the time I walked from the car to the building I would be completely out of breath but dammit, I was there! There were times when I went home early, though. You'll know when you can push yourself and when you can't. And as for the shopping - shopping IS therapy!!! LOL! take care!!

      about 9 years ago