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    2b post chemoradiation possible surgery? (In UK)

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      Until someone responds to your post, let me direct you to another website. I am an oncology nurse who specializes in gyne cancers and you may find the answer you seek at The Foundation for Womens Cancers website. I am attaching the link. Best of luck to you and if I can help you with anything, you can always find me here, Carm RN.


      about 8 years ago
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      Hi lostinfrance,
      I was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer last year. I underwent maximum external radiation with chemo and internal radiation. My first two followups were good, but in January my pap came back suspicious, as did biopsy that followed. I then had a PET scan which came back completely clear, but due to the possibility of residual cancer (even though it could be radiation effects) my doctor said the next step was to have a hysterectomy to get rid of any lingering cancer cells. He also insisted that the surgery be done the next week so as not to give any cells a chance to grow or spread further. There is a bit more risk of complications due to the radiation effects, so make sure you have a very good surgeon. My Gyn Oncologist who did the surgery is very well respected and I trust him completely with the decision making in my care. My surgery went well; tomorrow is two weeks post-op and recovery seems to be right on track.

      I hope your test results come back clear so you don't have to have the surgery, but if so I hope my experience helps you a bit.

      about 8 years ago
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