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      People are scared of the "C" word. I just learned to not take it personally and use the support systems I did have that didn't seem to be scared. I think the more I openly and honestly communicated about my experiences (via MyLifeLine a free website for cancer patients), the more the people that were scared came along and were ok with it. People equate cancer with a death sentence, and fortunately more and more of us are surviving to tell about it.

      over 6 years ago
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      When I was 13 years young my father had a heart attack. My mother did not let me visit him in the hospital. She thought I would be a problem. I also think she wanted her last hours with him in case he died. When he came home he stayed upstairs, used a chair prescribed by his doctor. I remember how frightened I was, frightened of him and frightened I would suffer a heart attack because he did. He didn't want much to do with me so I guess it worked out ok.

      I felt the fear your MIA friends feel. Fear is ignorance. don't take it personally. They fear they will get cancer because you have it. They fear you will ask them favors which will place them geographically near you. They fear you will ask them for help which would take up time they would prefer to use doing something for themselves or family members. They fear you will need help in a way which will involve your use of their money. There are many fears. They don't dislike you. They are not the people who should be around you at this point in your life. You need knowledgeable people.

      My father died from a Glioblastoma. I already knew what to do. My mother demonstrated the last time he was ill she needed his final hours. I knew to stay away.

      Before Dementia took total control of her brain and mind, she thanked me for giving her those final hours.

      I took care of her. I have been living in fear of getting Dementia every since she was diagnosed.

      I still live in fear. Cancer struck me after both died because they would have been frightened, MIA parents if they knew I had it. I fear dementia more than I fear cancer.

      God be with you.

      over 6 years ago
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      It is what it is, they are afraid they will be asked to help out. I have the same problem. I will do it on my own with my husband and God's help. You can do it too.

      over 6 years ago
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    Oh No (They did not think they would find cancer, thought it was just a cyst): Imagine the shock, when I found out that this was cancer after they finally decided to do a biopsy

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