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    Oh No: Hi, there...My name is Lucija and I'm coming from Croatia.
    I got diagnosed with breast cancer in june 2010 and my first operation was in july 2010. Everything happened so fast, they removed my right breast and some other stuff that they found under my underarm.
    I just found out that i have liver cancer and I'm thinking what to do next.

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      i have no words, im sorry for what ur going through. my mom has stage four liver cancer, it has spread to the lungs, and its a lil bit tough, and the cancer isn as hard to handle, because up to now, she has been going through quimo and thank to god, she has been having some better days than others, just today she had to be hospitalized again, because of a bacteria on the blood, she whent in for an oncologyst appoinment and her oncologyst decided to keep her in the hospital.. and like i said the touphest part of all of this is not knowing what comes next, what to expect or even knowing if all of this is working, and if it will ever go away.. thats the reason i decided to open a profile, so i could get some help from othe rpeople and if i can, help other people like myself.. if need anything or someone to talk to im more than happy to do so.. good night:)

      over 9 years ago
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