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    Celebration: Celebrated my 6th cancerversary yesterday. March 4th, 2014, a day of celebration then and today. I remain in remission but ever vigilant and always listening to my body.

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    Yesterday I celebrated my 6 year cancerversary. March 4th, 2014 was the last day of my frontline chemo and we celebrated at the chemo center with a giant cake for all the helpful doctors and nurses. I continue to be in remission and I am going in for every 6 month pelvic exams and CA 125 blood tests. My soon to be daughter in-law reminded me via e-mail that March 4th is the only day that tells you what to do , march forth, and so I am.

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    Hi. Well we are both in states with too many people with the virus that is for sure. I have plenty of food and medication on hand so less trips out in public. That only makes sense. We are not spring chickens and have to realize those above 60 are more susceptible. I was just watching the latest about the virus when I saw your message. Testing kits are suppose to be widespread by next week so that is good. We just have to become homebodies and limit our out and abouts.

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    Hi Lynne'
    How are you doing. I am sorry to hear that the Coronavirus is creeping closer, Sending thoughts and prayers your way

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    Hi IrishJane, welcome to the site. I have been a member of the WhatNext Community now for 61/2 years . I came to the site in 2013 after being diagnosed with stage IIIC at the age of 66. Reaching out, talking with other survivors, helped me tremendously through the surgery and the chemo. Although our family support means the world , no one knows both the emotional and physical toll this disease takes but another survivor. Look the site over, ask any questions, interact with survivors on their walls. All of us at WhatNext are here to support and help each other and we are all stronger together. Wishing you better days ahead.