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    Hi mcgonegle, welcome to the WhatNext site. I found the site in 2013 when I was diagnosed with stage IIIC cancer also. Everything moves so quickly once you are diagnosed, you barely have time to wrap your head around it before your family member/ friend is rushed into surgery and starting chemo treatments. It is a scary time. Chemo is difficult, and everyone responds differently to the treatments. Worse days are usually day 2 and 3 post treatment. For me, fatigue was the worst side effect. Chemo days will have ups and downs. The survivor needs to be kind to herself and ask for any help as needed. The caregiver needs to have an extra serving of patience and be a good listener. My husband was my rock throughout my treatments . Support from everyone is so important. Whoever the caregiver is, he/she also needs to be kind to themselves and have an outlet available to voice their concerns. My husband had his brother to share his feelings with.

    I am sending a hug and wishes for a successful ending to the chemo treatments. A site I would recommend for further information and support is ocrahope.org. This is a great organization devoted to research and helping inform and support ovarian cancer survivors and their families. If I can be of any further help please let me know.

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    Hi TinaRenee329, welcome to WhatNext. Read you were diagnosed twenty three years ago and I am guessing you had a recurrence and are currently NED after that treatment? I am an 8 year survivor of ovarian cancer. How can I help you?

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    Celebration (Remission): March 4th 2022 celebrated my 8 years of remission. I still have my port ,for the “ just in case “ return of the beast, but it seems the chances of this are growing dimmer and dimmer. My progress however still in the minority for ovarian cancer survivors. Sadly ,even all these years later since my diagnosis, overall survival rates for ovarian cancer survivors has seen little improvement,

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    Hello Atlanticl, welcome to the site. I have been a member of the WhatNext Community now for eight years since my diagnosis of ovarian cancer IIIC in 2013. Everything moves so quickly upon diagnosis, decisions have to be made quickly and you discover a strength you never knew you had. I needed to connect with other survivors and through the years the information and support I have received has been invaluable.

    The important advice I was given early on was to take things one day at a time. Throughout chemo you will have highs and lows. Everyone responds differently but it is important to look after yourself physically and mentally. Keep an open line of communication between you and your doctor. Chemo side effects usually the strongest day two or three after your treatment. Fatigue was my biggest side effect. Drink plenty of liquids before, during and after your treatments. After several treatments, I suffered with constipation, needing to call my doctor. To prevent constipation I took a stool softener several days prior to my treatments . Take your rests as needed and do not hesitate to ask for help around the house. Surround yourself with positive and helpful support from friends and family. Look on Facebook for groups specifically for ovarian cancer survivors , there are great groups of lady survivors out there to encourage and inform you.

    The journey of a survivor is a tough one. Even after frontline treatment, many times ovarian cancer survivors are placed onto some kind of maintenance therapy. This is a decision between the doctor and the survivor. The thinking is maintenance drugs may prevent or at least delay a recurrence . I urge you to look ahead, and set goals. There is life after chemo. Hair grows back, in some cases better than before. Strength for most slowly returns. I am wishing better days and sending a supportive hug. If I can be anymore help reach me on my home page. Success on your journey.

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    Hi Sasukesuma, how are you doing?

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    willie, the site I recommended is focused solely on information and support for ovarian cancer survivors and their families. There are others I do belong to but Sisterhood has the larger membership and has been active for many years. The women on this site are great giving their support and sharing their experiences . Unfortunately we are still losing so many . I hope your wife is doing well. Thank you for your continued contribution of helpful tips in caring for our teal sisters.