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    lynniepoo asked a questionMultiple Myeloma

    Wanting to become active again on this site.

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      Hi there, lynniepoo! I am happy you're back!!!

      Like everyone says, jump into any conversation you'really interested in ... or start your own!

      Thanks for coming back! I hope you are doing well.

      5 months ago
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      Welcome back! How are things going, except for the depression? I hope things get sunnier in your world. Hang in there. We'll try to cheer you up anytime you need a bit of a smile.

      5 months ago
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      Hi lynniepoo! I post only sporadically myself but I think I recognize your name. Hope the interactions help you, and Welcome Back!

      5 months ago
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    lynniepoo wrote on Bjack's wall

    Welcome to What Next -the Multiple Myeloma section which is our little corner of the world where we can ask questions, get answers, vent, socialize and just talk to others going through the same things that you are. I have been on this site for several years and found it to be helpful and very supportive. MM is not well known so few people understand what we are dealing with.
    So we are here to give you ideas and support. So if you have questions ask away, one of us is sure to be able to help!!

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    lynniepoo wrote on Rolltidelynne's wall

    Hi Lynne
    I have been very lax when it comes to keeping up with this site. Just thought I would check on you and see how you are doing. I hope you are doing ok and that those comments you had to put up with have stopped. Are you still on Revlamid? So hard to deal with all the side issues with this disease. How did you know you had neutropenia? I fully understand your back issues--I have gone from 5'6" to 5'3" since my back issues started from compression fractures.
    I have been doing cardiac rehab since Jan. But limited due to my back problems. Am going to start PT next week as my balance is so bad as my right leg is shorter than left due to my broken leg. I am so afraid of falling again and breaking something else as my bones are so weak. After my fall my Mspike was up and down but now has gone back down to .3 where it was before I fell. I feel ok but have good days and bad days. Going to see a pain specialist as I am so afraid of taking too much morphine.
    Well I hope you are doing well and things have improved. Besides the "e" on the end of our name we always had so much in common. Take care!
    Lynne Maroun

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      OH!! Are you ok now?!?! I'm sorry I hadn't been on n checked in a while!!! But I'm back now!!!

      about 1 year ago