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    Welcome Mamaguerra,
    It sounds like you have been through a lot! I just went through beginning a PARP inhibitor in September (Zejula) after finishing chemotherapy for a reoccurrence last year. I was pretty miserable for the first few months but after reducing the dose from 300mg to 200mg to 100mg my symptoms have improved. I have felt "normal" since mid January. I encourage you to communicate with your Oncologist often about how you are tolerating your oral chemotherapy. It is a fine line between quality of life and preventing reoccurrence or preventing worsening of cancer. It is difficult to figure out where to draw the line. You are young. Younger women have better outcomes than older women with Ovarian Cancer. I have had Carboplatin twice. The last time it caused ringing in my ears which is probably permanent. I still have my "souvenir" from Frontline chemo, mild neuropathy in my left foot. Is your "other care" palliative care? Palliative care can help manage some symptoms. They know helpful secrets. I am stage 3 C too, diagnosed in July 2015. However I am much older, 61 years old. I am glad you joined us. Feel free to ask any questions. We would like to help.

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    Welcome ShellV,.
    I am 61 years old, stage 3 C. I suspect you are receiving chemotherapy. How is it going? Many of us on this site have had chemotherapy so we can help with any concerns or questions you may have. I have had chemo in 2015 when I was originally diagnosed and last year when I had a reoccurence. I have more experience than I hoped I would have. Wishing you the best! We want to help.

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    Hi Jhogan1959,
    Sorry it took me so long to respond to your port question (see below). You asked about a second round of chemo. I had 6 cycles in 2015 and was cancer free for 2 years. I received my second round last year with a reoccurrence. (I am stage 3 C Ovarian
    Cancer). I received 2 treatments every 3 weeks for 6 cycles last time. I wish I could say it gets easier the second time but no. As difficult or more so was my experience. I hope you only have to go through it once. I can tell you from experience. Please don't start going down the "what if it comes back" road. I went down it and it still came back. Enjoy your good days! You deserve it!

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    Welcome Shockednawed,
    You are the third lady I have heard about who is diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma in the last month. The information they shared was that Primary Peritoneal Cancer is very rare and is treated very similarly as Ovarian Cancer. Ovarian Cancer is usually treated with surgury to remove all cancerous tissue detectable (which you can live without) often called debulking. Then usually followed by chemotherapy. Radiation is not usually used to treat Ovarian Cancer in the US although I have heard it is used as treatment in other countries. My Gynecological Oncology Surgeon is treating the first lady I met with Primary Peritoneal Cancer. I am curious, what speciality is your Surgeon/Oncologist? Radiation treatment is unusual. I have never had radiation treatment so I can not help with that aspect. Cancer is always a shock. It was for me too! It took me months before I could focus and make a decision about simple challenges. I am 61 years old, diagnosed stage 3C Ovarian Cancer in 2015. I know of at least 2 ladies on this site with your diagnosis. I hope they can help too! Feel free to ask any questions. We are here for you.