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    Best wishes for you now and with all treatments!

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      I learned the last time I had cancer and was so isolated..
      I am checking into this American Cancer buddy program.
      It is the Reach to Recovery Program.

      I wonder how it will work out.
      Worth a try..

      4 days ago
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      Great hope it works out for you

      about 22 hours ago
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      Thanks for responding. As you know the days before surgery can be tricky with letting people know, or holding off until we know more after the lumpectomy with the biopsy on the lymph nodes.. Trying to get the house cleaned up so I can temporarily move downstairs where people come to visit.. So much to move around and out.. So little time..

      about 20 hours ago
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    Hello akristine
    And so we begin, or begin again in the case of new recent diagnosis. Going to be a rough road which I suspect will be filled meeting other survivors and receiving and giving the gifts of connection, concern, and self and other compassion.
    I suspect that our concern (worry) is there for our family members since we have been the glue that has helped secure others members . May today we feel the release from fear over those things we cannot control.. Maeve

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    Hello Holly
    I am also newly diagnosed and have not begun treatment. Thinking of you as we begin this journey. There seems so much to learn so quickly. At times with dealing with family responsibilities plus self care requirements I find myself going on auto pilot.. I am especially thinking about you today.
    I am traveling to your beautiful area next week and could meet
    in a coffee shop if you care to do so.. Name the place and time and I will work around it if at all possible.

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    Oh No (Cancer is back/Recurred ): Almost 7 years without incident after endometrial cancer with surgery but no need for further treatment. Surgery end of July. Biopsy indicates Invasive Mammary Carcinova no special type. Provisional grade 3 poorly differentiated.. I have lots of family responsibilities, like so many other grandmothers today and am strong, solid and stable but at the same time depleted. This new challenge is not the straw that breaks the camel's back but nevertheless I need rest and recuperation and rejuvenation from challenges rather than this one.

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      @Maeve, I am so sorry to hear this. Have they come with a treatment plan for you? I know that you are busy, but try to find some time just for you. You did it before, and you can do it again. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you. Take care.

      10 days ago
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      If you are questioning whether you are able to rest, this is the time to put yourself first and tell your family you will be doing that and need their help. Best wishes.

      10 days ago
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    Stage 1. No need for radiation nor chemo. Great Doctor. Great team. Great all around. Grateful.