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    Yo Major,
    was just diagnosed last week.
    treatment options now being discussed.
    what am I in for.
    Many thanks,

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    User: carm

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    Howdy, I like your straight forward way of talking and respect your knowlage, but how would I be able to communicate to you in a more privet way in order not to speak to the whole world?

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    MajorRedneck asked a questionEsophagus (Esophageal) Cancer


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      View from a caregiver: I want my loved one with me -- I don't want him to go to "life's greatest adventure" without me. I pray for more time, more days together, a cure, a miracle. BUT!!! I do not want him to suffer. I do not want some doctor or nurse "bringing him back" by pounding on his chest and maybe cracking his ribs. I do not want his peaceful journey destroyed by hospital routines, painful treatments, tubes, needles, machines beeping and alarms going off. We have talked. We both have Advanced Directives. And we have promised each other -- to be there -- to make sure it happens as we wish.

      almost 4 years ago
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      Dear StacyM,

      Hi, I'm Aliza. I've posted here already so you'll see I'm a BC pt and a Medical Librarian. Major Redneck and many other people, don't necessarily view assisted suicide as being put down "like a dog". The state of Oregon permits terminally ill people this option-I'm not sure at what point in their illnes. Many people feel that there is a more humane component to Veterinary Medicine in that regard as opposed to Human Medicine and as I mentioned previously, why should a higher IQ separate us from having access to more humane treatment than we offer our terminally ill pets.

      If you are speaking from a religious point of view, then that is a different issue, but then please identify that that's where you're coming from. Otherwise, with all due respect, it's unfair to criticize someone who's in terrible pain (Major Redneck), and unable to speak at all. You don't know how you'd feel in such a situation unless you were in his boots so to speak.

      No one here thinks that a dog's life has more value than a human beings. We just wonder why it is that with all of the advances we have in medicine, why in the end a physician is not able to be as compassionate as a Veterinarian. There is a difference between that and what you are saying. It's almost like the difference between evolution and creationism. Food for thought...


      almost 4 years ago
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      In regards to the DNR advice, there is a form called POLST. It is a legal document with stronger authority than a DNR.

      almost 4 years ago
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    yes i have ACS comeing to the rescue but it is going to take some time, in order to get back into Hospice.

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      OK great, sorry your having such a time. I can relate to the no voice thing. Except I did get mine back. I lost it for a month during radiation treatments. Let me know if I can help with the ACS connections. I deal with them a lot and may be able to help.

      almost 4 years ago
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    Side Effects (Confusion): I had no idea people with as many health problems as I have could still be alive!

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      But you are. And I pray and believe in miracles, anything is possible. All we can do is continue to live and take advantage of the time we are given. :) Btw, love the picture! :)

      almost 4 years ago