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    Newly diagnosed with breast cancer - my head is spinning, where to begin????

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      an addendum to my previous answer. I see that you live in Edge Water (how did I miss that the first time around.. oh yeah I had my infusion yesterday I claim chemo brain) Colombia is about 15-20 min away if the GW isn't backed up to the Water Gap ;). So from a transportation point of view that may might work best for you. I have found that being treated closer to home, works better for me. I can manage getting to my appointments easier, and the two times I wound up the emergency room (admit once with 103, and just to make sure I was OK after a fall), meant my medical history was easy to get to and my doctors and the nurse practitioners on my team where able to direct treatment and see me personally .

      almost 10 years ago
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      Hi Malia, I'm born and raised in NY and for 26 years now, I've been living in L.A. I was 59 and had just signed the papers ending a 35 yr. old marriage when I found out I had breast cancer. Yes, "What's Next" perfectly describes my situation. At that point we were living in Arcadia CA. and I had hoped to have all my treatments nearby since I knew the routine from when my Mom was diagnosed at age 69. I was told since the tumor was so close to the right arm there were 5 lymph nodes also cancerous. After facing the reality that this was not a dream but a shocking reality that I couldn't ignore. The first hospital didn't have the procedure to identify the nodes as cancerous or not . The second hospital, quite renown, "City Of Hope" I entered and asked to speak to the surgeon and oncologist. The oncologist was specific and sensitive to his way of describing the process. But when I asked the surgeon what would the surgery be like, he started to describe saying, "I cut you in this part, then I'll go up there and on and on. And then they gave me a bunch of questionnaires to respond to. It felt like all they wanted was to bunch me into a number as part of their statistics.
      Well, my 3rd visit was 45 min. away from where I lived, located in Long Beach CA. PS. my daughter was with me through all this. So, we went, and by the way, I taped everything, and still today, I do the same, after celebrating my 12th year of being cancer free.

      So, I had taken the exray with me but she, the surgeon, didn't look at it first. She leaned over and examined me with her eyes shut and then gently examined and in her soft spoken manner sat down to explain each step. And that was where I chose to travel and I don't regret it at all. Eventually, I moved to Long Beach, now my home for 10 years.
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      almost 10 years ago
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      After I recd my diagnosis I did not like what my first had to say or couldn't say. I then went to Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I made an instant connection of trust with my doctor. To me that is the most important thing that you feel comfortable and trust your doctor as you begin your journey. Good luck!

      over 9 years ago
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