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    My Sister had both breasts removed, she had stage 3 breast cancer she went thru her treatment of Chemo and 37 radiation treatments. In This past April she had her lady Chemo, in Aug she started experiencing headaches. We had returned from a vacation and her head hurt. The following day she went to Palos Hospital and they did a Cat scan and found the tumor. Prior to that she had her Pet scan that showed nothing. My Sister was clear! Within a 2 month period there had developed a 5 centimeter tumor. Her Radiologist Oncologist had her transferred to UIC where the Nerosurgeon performed surgery to remove it. The surgery was a success but the question still remains..........what will the future hold? She is my Baby Sister and she is the strongest WOMAN I know! Her strength humbles me. She has an 8 yr old daughter and a 6 yr old Son. My heart crumbles in pain because I can't help her. Her Dr did tell us that it's from the breast cancer and she will have to resume radiation and drug therapy. My Brother in law is heart broken! Cancer is such an ugly word.

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      My heart goes out to you, you sound like a very loving sister. You may want to also click on Questions in the purple bar above and post this in our Questions section. I bet you'll get some helpful feedback.

      about 9 years ago
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