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    Welcome to the WhatNext network! We are happy you found us but sorry for your reason to be here. There are a great bunch of people here that are willing to coach you through your issues that will come up. It's good to know that other people have been through exactly what you are facing now and have gone on to a good life afterward.

    If you have an issue you need help with, just post it on the questions page, someone will see it and add their own personal experiences to help you.

    If you see a question posted that you have experience with please at your answer to that question. We all have issues we need help with, you might have the answer someone needs.

    We wish you the best and if you have any questions about the website or how to post something drop us an email at contactus @ whatnext . com and someone will help you out.

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    ChicagoSandy, I was an Immerman angel for kidney cancer patients before my breast cancer. It was the most rewarding experiencing. I was a mentor to 4 different ladies over the years and it touched my heart in so many ways. I am so glad you mentioned it as it is an amazing organization. And it is available to anyone wherever you live, I live in Florida and my ladies were in other states.

    MariaR first off WELCOME, secondly you are allowed to be terrified. It is frightening however you look at it. Just hearing that word..Cancer...can send shivers down your spine. But as you see here you are not alone. You are amongst so many warriors with so many different experiences, you have found a wonderful place to come and seek answers.

    As mentioned there is a lot of information out there, facebook groups, organization sites, books and other material. But as a warning don't look for your answers to thoroughly that way, wait for answers from your team of doctors. If they don't provide them readily then ASK for them. There is so much information that you can scare yourself even more so try to wait. I know, that's really hard, I have ADHD and I want to know everything NOW-I have realized that doesn't always happen and sometimes you just have to wait. And if you aren't happy with your doctor then seek another one.

    I just realized we live close by, I am in Valrico outside of Riverview. I am a 2 year warrior, left breast ER & PR positive, HER2 negative. I am NED because I had major node in my axilla as well as small node in my breast with 2 small tumors. So far so good, just had a complete check-up ,mammogram, ultra sound and due to pain a breast MRI, there's scar tissue and some calcifications but otherwise all looks good.

    Like Junie who also lives close by I would love to be able to talk to you but am not sure how to get my phone number to you. For now I want you to know that we are all here for you and feel free to ask us ANYTHING we are very open and answer ALL questions. All the best...

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    Hello, welcome. I see you are in the Riverview area,, I live in Thonotosassa area. I have stage 4 breast cancer. if you wanna talk some time, you can text me at[phone number redacted]. Sorry you have been diagnosed with this. Where are you going for your treatments and doctors? We are here if you want to talk.

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      MariaR, eat lots of protein now and after surgery. It helps with healing. Didn't know that until I had my DIEP Flap surgery. Glad that you are feeling more in control now. Helps to get some tough decisions behind you.

      1 day ago
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      @MariaR, good luck on Thursday. I will be thinking of you. Give yourself plenty of time to heal. Go at your own pace. Let us know how it goes. Take care.

      about 20 hours ago
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      Will be thinking of you on the 26th - my birthday! - and praying for sure and steady hands for your surgeon and a quick and easy recovery for you. Good luck!

      about 15 hours ago
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