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    Be like the egg, not the potato!

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    A vaccine against the Zika virus could one day be used to fight the deadly brain cancer that claimed the life of Senator John McCain, according to a study in mice.

    Researchers used a vaccine against the mosquito-borne virus to kill human glioblastoma brain cells which had been implanted into rodents.

    Glioblastoma is the most common and fastest growing form of astrocytoma; tumors which start in the glial cells of the brain.

    Currently, most people diagnosed with the condition die within two years. Doctors can try to treat glioblastoma with surgery to remove the cancerous cells and blast them with radiation and chemotherapy. However, as the disease spreads, it becomes difficult to differentiate healthy brain cells from cancerous glioblastoma stem cells, and the condition is therefore almost impossible to completely remove.

    An interesting study going on, you can read the post on Newsweek here https://www.newsweek.com/glioblastoma-zika-virus-could-destroy-brain-cancer-killed-john-mccain-1125530

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    This is why the businesses in America can't find help. The current generation is too busy looking for stupid things to do instead of act like normal people. Does anyone see a problem coming for these people with tooth and gum issues? Infections, and a list of other problems. Just ask any of our head and neck cancer members about those issues. I just don't get it.

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      Is this for real, or photo-shopped, or what?

      20 days ago
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    Do you ever get in a rut and dwell on death?

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      BethNC, I like what you said about burying your mother in her favorite p.j.'s. I don't want to wear a suit, but I've noticed some people wear something they already had for a dressy occasion---but I've outgrown my old clothes! (I don't guess it would look good to be "flashing" with my top not buttoned!)

      I need to work on that.

      5 months ago
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      I frequently am in a rut, find every day a challenge and struggle with patience. We were told my husband would likely pass within a year, a year and a half if we were lucky. Last month was a year and a half. His cancer is very aggressive. I think about his death every day and feel we are just waiting for him to pass. I am the breadwinner so not considering being provided for when he passes.

      3 months ago
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      Yes, today is one of those days...

      3 months ago
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