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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (Chemotherapy and radiation combined): I am half done my treatment. It's starting to take it's toll. I have been working and receiving radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks. I have 2 cycles of chemo, every 28 days, done with one and one to go. I am on the 5fu pump for 96 hours. I do not work while on chemo. My hair is shedding so far. I'm using baby wipes and steroid foam. Counting down the days till I'm done. I was in good health prior so I am hoping the side effects won't last long. Most of all hoping the results will show I am cancer free.

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      Hi marmee. I had Farrah Fawcett cancer when I was about a decade or so older than you. Same staging. That is what I've started to call it because people don't actually comprehend what anal cancer could possibly be. Such a delicate area, yes?

      I can't imagine how you can continue a workload. Blessings. My ordeal was also over a decade ago and I think the tortures (lol, why persist in glossing over the obvious?) were different.

      I had 16 weeks of radiation (which no one ought to endure and against which I rebelled in the midst of it all, too late to not be a crispy critter) and a 3 day bout with chemo at the beginning and at the end.

      It is sorta funny looking back in that they underdosed me for the first round of chemotherapy and I thought "What is the big deal folks are complaining about?" but they made sure to give me enough the second time and I discovered that upchuck can spew from one end to the other of a twelve foot long room when you are in a prone position, moaning on a couch.

      I did not lose me hair but it is thinner which, in truth, isn't so awful because I have/had a real mop. They did not offer steroid foam to me (back just over a decade ago) ... is it helpful?

      Consider yourself lucky that you can count down the days. To the end, I was counting hours and minutes from pain pill to pain pill.

      BTW, I've no ever been troubled again but cancer and hopefully will not ever again be visited by such a monster.

      Hugz and best ever wishes for renewed good health.

      almost 8 years ago
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